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$1,000 Apple Mac Pro display stand is actually not a joke, it has its reason.

$1,000 Apple Mac Pro display stand is actually not a joke, it has its reason.

. 2 min read

A shocking price for just a monitor stand

During the WWDC 2019, Apple launched a new Mac Pro screen for $ 5,000 that comes with a $1,000 monitor stand. The Apple display stand is not gold-plated or equipped with advanced technology, it is just a regular screen stand.

The stand’s price make many Apple fans lose their mind, they have to spend up to $5,000 to buy a screen without a stand, the same amount as a new iPhone XS just to make the screen usable. How can you put a screen on a table without a stand?

Technology companies, especially computer monitor manufacturers, took this opportunity to make joke of Apple. When their products only cost $ 1,000 includes screens and stands. It seems like Apple has become too self-confident to believe that their customer will pay $1,000 for this monitor stand.

But Apple has a plan…

But perhap we have misunderstood the idea of Apple, because a $1,000 stand can be a form of reducing the price of the screen for users who don’t need it. Apple can completely sell its screen for $6,000 with a free stand, reassuring that not many users will be angry at Apple.

Tech blogger Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee shared his opinion in the latest video: “The truth is that there are a lot of professional users who have their own screen stand or wall mount, to facilitate the use of multiple monitors at the same time. They don’t need it to have their own screen to stand on the desk.

“We should understand that Apple is selling a full-set monitor for $ 6,000. But if you already have a stand, you can save $1,000. That’s a huge savings, so most people who follow the WWDC 2019 event misunderstand Apple. ”

Marques “MKBHD” Brownlee .

Apple is increasingly showing interest in professional users, selling its screen and stand separately is also an example. And of course, if you’re a ordinary user, it’s not easy to spend $ 6,000 to buy a computer monitor.