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13-year-old boy hacked Apple to "apply for a job", the teenager escaped guilt for "more valuable talent than imprisonment"

13-year-old boy hacked Apple to "apply for a job", the teenager escaped guilt for "more valuable talent than imprisonment"

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In the final trial, the young man was declared exempted from the trial after a mistake of hacking Apple at the age of 13.

A few years ago, an incident involving two teenage boys in Melbourne (Australia), who were still in high school, took the public by surprise. Although this may have fallen into oblivion, this event still make people shock to hear it again: The duo successfully hacked Apple data twice in 2015 and 2017. They invaded and took away big amount of high security information.


At the time of 2015, one of them was only 13 years old. That kid would be genius to the IT community, if it was not for that case. Repeated the crime again in 2017 and served a 9-month house arrest. He is now 17 years old. Obviously, he will have this on his record for the rest of his life.

The shocking hack for the Apple

According to the records, this young man used advanced hacking techniques to create a way to bypass Apple’s security authentication portal. He also tricked the system into thinking that he was a valid employee who was trying to log in. Even the FBI had to joined to support and help with the investigation.

Mark Twiggs – his lawyer – defensed that at the age of 13, he was not aware of the seriousness of his actions. The boy was only thinking that Apple would find it impressive and choose him to be an employee if he could hack their company.

“He really did not understand the impact of what he did. He thought he would get a job in Apple if he proved his talent. This case happened once before. It was a hack in Europe and the company did hire that hacker to work for them.”

Mark Twiggs

Fortunately, Apple announced that they did not suffer from any damage after this hack. This also helped with the boy’s crime.

Unexpected decision of the court

Twiggs expected the boy to receive a less serious sentence. He still has a promising university future in cyber security. In response to this request, the court was in charge of coming up with the verdict.

Specifically, Judge David White did not condemn the boy. He decided to give him a 9-month probation with a $500 bond. “Those who have this talent does not give them the right to abuse it. The manner in which the world functions is one that is heavily reliant on computer technology and those who unlawfully interfere with those systems can do enormous amounts of damage.”

It is known that the decision was not really subjective. Since everything was carefully considered due to many sources of opinion. Based on the feedback from everyone in his school, this boy was not a bad person. They also suggested that he should have a chance to overcome this mistake. Therefore, he should serve no punishment after the 9-month probation.