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5 new features on iOS 13 that you may not know about

5 new features on iOS 13 that you may not know about

. 2 min read

Smart battery charger

To improve Iphone battery’s life, Apple added the Optimized Battery Charging option. When activated, it will “learn the user’s daily charging habits and set to charge over 80% of the battery until the user needs it”. New feature appears in Settings> Battery> Battery Health.

Take a whole page screenshot

With iOS 13, Safari will allow you to record the entire content of the website instead of just the part currently displayed on the screen. To use this feature, you have to take a screenshot as usual and click “Full Page” button to get the full page. These new features only work with Safari.

Automatically close tabs in Safari

When browsing the web, some users have a habit of opening a lot of tabs then forget to close it. To solve this problem, iOS 13 will allow “cleaning” these tabs after a specific day, week or month. To set the tab to close automatically, go to Settings> Safari> Close Tabs.

Data saving mode

iOS 13 also provide Data Saving Mode, which helps reduce network capacity when using iPhone. New features can be enabled in Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Options. Data Saving Mode will automatically activate when the user turn on Wi-Fi (hotspot) for other devices.

CarPlay works independently

Not only improving the interface, CarPlay on iOS 13 also allows viewing standalone applications. For example, when a user is opening the Map on CarPlay, the application will continue to function even if the iPhone switches to another application, allowing the driver to continue to track the route, while the other person plays a song on iPhone.