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5 strange diseases only appear "thanks to" the existence of smartphones

5 strange diseases only appear "thanks to" the existence of smartphones

. 5 min read

In addition to the effects such as neck fatigue, eye problems, and insomnia, the existence of smartphones is also the cause of many strange diseases.

We cannot deny that smartphones are one of the most useful inventions of humankind. Smartphone changes life operating ways, making everything easier. You can call a car, order food, transfer money, pay bills, make the significant value transactions with just a few touches.

But the convenience of smartphones also makes people more dependent on it, even abusing to the point of becoming “addicted.” “Too much” things are usually not good, and with smartphones, it brings five diseases that are happening on many people nowadays.

1. “Horned” Syndrome

Recently, experts from Sunshine Coast University (Australia) have conducted a study on 1,200 young people in the ages of 18 to 30. They tracked the X-ray film of the candidates and found an extreme surprise phenomenon. About a third of them had a bone spine growing out from behind skull; it looks like a small horn.

Disease 1
There are diseases caused by smartphone addiction makes us extremely surprised. X-ray file shows the “horn” image.

The reason is supposed from the habit of tilting the head forward when using smartphones and other handset electronic devices. This action makes weight to gather up from the neck vertebrae to the back muscles, causing the skull to have to grow out more bone for balancing the pressure.

This can compare to the phenomenon of hand skin becoming to callus if constantly under rubbing pressure from the external environment.

Typically, this bone only hides inside the head, but in some cases, the candidates shared that they can feel its presence. Even though there has not recorded any exposition of this bone yet, it is a fact that nowadays people are using phones and electronic devices excessively.

To avoid having the day with “grown out horny,” let always sit down straight, do not bend over when using the phone, and remember that after 1-hour using, take your body a rest!

2. “Texting neck” Syndrome

The bending down posture on using the phone not only causes you to grow out the horn but also causes adverse effects for your back and neck. The most typical consequence is “texting–neck” syndrome.

Disease 2

In particular, a recent study of spinal surgeon Jason Cuellar and Todd Lanman from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (Los Angeles, USA) has shown that we are tending to bow too much when using the phone. And popular curvation is about 45 degrees. This number is even more terrible – up to 50, 60 degrees when sitting and using the phone.

Lanman said, in a straight neck posture, our head is under pressure of about 4-5 kgs. But if we just bent down to 15 degrees, the pressure would be up to 12 kgs, and when leaning 60 degrees, that’s 27kgs.

Disease 3

So what should we do? Doctors believe that the best advice at this time is to reduce the frequency of using phones, at the same time enhancing the breaks during use. Furthermore, we should practice exercises to improve neck strength and shoulder muscles.

In addition, Lanman thinks that while sitting and using the phone, at least users have to put the elbows on the table and let the phone at eye even. That posture is good for the neck and also help to reduce pressure for the shoulders, arms.

3. “Texting thumb” syndrome

"Texting thumb" syndrome

In fact, this disease has not had an official diagnosis yet, but there are many people recorded in the same symptoms, so they name it “Texting thumb.”

This is a syndrome making people feel painful, uncomfortable. The reasons are from pressing and swiping a screen so much, making thumb and the part under hand cramp. There is even the case that needs surgery – as recorded by doctors at Rush University (Chicago, USA).

Until now, medicine has not yet recorded the link between this disease and the using phone excessively. However, some experts recommend that if you see similar symptoms, you need to use your smartphone in more moderation, let your fingers take a rest more, and regularly implement the muscle stretching movements if feeling tired.

4. Computer vision syndrome

When looking at an electronic screen for a too long time – whether a computer, a phone or a tablet – eyes will quickly feel tired. This also causes some other vision problems, collectively called “Computer vision syndrome.”

Computer vision syndrome
To decrease the appearance of strange diseases, the most important thing is to use electronic devices in moderation.

Common symptoms are pains, eye strain, blurred vision, redness, and sometimes light flashes, require repeated blinking.

To avoid having these symptoms, we need to use the screen with necessary brightness, not be glare because of too bright, nor too dark for preventing to strain your eyes. Also, for a short-sighted or far-sighted person, they should make sure to wear the right number of glasses. In the case using not correct glasses number, eyes will be tired quickly.

And the most important thing is to use electronic devices in moderation.

5. Phantom Vibration Syndrome – PVS

Probably, any one of us has had at least 1-2 times on feeling the phone in the pocket shaking, but when checking it, there is not any messages or calls.

According to scientists, the perpetrator causing this “ghost phone” phenomenon called “Phantom Vibration Syndrome” (PVS).

PVS is one of the common diseases nowadays.

Researchers from Massachusetts of the United States suppose that these false signals “may cause from the result of handling wrong sensory signal processing of cortex.”

They said that busy people often use a phone to communicate; the brain can misunderstand the information meaning such as rubbing clothes into the body or stimulating other perceptions create the feel of virtual vibrates.

Or because of extreme expectation to receive some messages or calls that we accidentally orient the brain “dizzy” with a lot of related information. This creates hallucinations, make you feel like the phone true vibrates.

To solve this issue, there is an effortless way – just turn off the vibrations mode in the phone, or do not put the phone in your pocket or anywhere in direct contact with the body.