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7 reasons why iPhone 7 can be more economical than iPhone XI of 2019

7 reasons why iPhone 7 can be more economical than iPhone XI of 2019

. 4 min read

No need to spend thousands of dollars, you still can have a great experience with the iPhone 7.

* According to Dave Smith – Business Insider

We had quite a bit of information around the next Apple iPhone, which could be called iPhone XI. The next flagship of Apple promises to be an extremely powerful device. With the upgraded design and configuration, certainly the price will also increase significantly. Therefore, if you are looking to buy yourself a “phone” of Apples, then surely iPhone 7 is the brightest choice.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why iPhone 7 is much more price worthy phone at the moment:

1. Half cheaper price compared to the new iPhone


iPhone 7’s starts at $449 (equivalent to 10.2 million VND). Meanwhile, iPhone 7 Plus is $569 (equivalent to 13 million VND). If you choose Refurbished version (limited warranty), it is even cheaper. On the other hand, iPhone XI will have the same price as iPhone XS – i.e. $999 before tax.

2. Camera of iPhone 7 is still very good


iPhone 7 has a 7MP selfie camera with 12MP dual camera. iPhone XI has triple rear cameras including two 12MP sensors and camera field of view to serve virtual reality app and to pave the way for the AR glass to be released in 2020. Nevertheless, at the moment, only one main camera and bokeh camera is enough to take a selfie. iPhone 7 Plus totally meets this need of the majority of users.

3. iPhone 7 remains having Touch ID

touch ID

Apple said that Face ID – face recognition system on iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone XS, has a higher security than Touch ID.

However, in fact, the Touch ID is still fast and works much more effectively than Face ID. The Touch ID may not receive fingerprints when it comes to water, but Face ID also has problems when it does not recognize if scanning at the wrong angle, or when wearing sunglasses, …

4. A13 cheap is strong on iPhone XI, but the A10 Fusion on iPhone 7 is still very fast


It is quite obvious for Apple to select the A10 Fusion chip for the newly released 7th-generation iPod Touch this week. Although it has been released for 3 years, this processor can completely handle all assigned tasks.

Of course, the iPhone XI will be equipped with a powerful A13, which is expected to help Apple return to the throne in terms of performance. However, is the difference really that big? Certainly, the new iPhone will be able to load apps, turn on faster… a few more seconds. But is it worth it to pay double amount of money?

Undeniably, A13 will definitely be in the top mobile chip this year, but the A10 Fusion is not weak at all.

5. iPhone 7 will be lighter than iPhone XI


Currently, iPhones are becoming heavier and heavier because of replacing the familiar aluminum material with glass. In addition, it is also equipped with many new technologies.

iPhone 7 weighs only 138 grams, iPhone 8 has increased to 148 grams while iPhone X is 174 grams. Next, the iPhone XS with 177 grams and iPhone XR will be up to 194 grams.

iPhone XI is expected to have an overall design similar to the iPhone X and iPhone XS. However, having more cameras on the back will certainly make its “weight” increase rapidly.

iPhone 7 will be the lightest iPhone you can buy in 2019. And although it is only a few dozen grams apart, the user experience will become very different, especially in the long term.

6. iPhone 7 also uses fast iOS just like iPhone XI


iPhone 7 and iPhone XI both use iOS – Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad. This means that users will enjoy the same updates, services, and security levels on these two machines.

Last year, iOS 12 also supported iPhone 5S, so almost certainly iOS 13 will be compatible with iPhone 7.

7. iPhone XI will certainly outperform in some ways, but the iPhone 7 maintain to be the most worth buying phone


iPhone XI will be superior than iPhone 7 at the following points:

+ Better battery life

+ Wireless charger

+ Portrait mode for camera selfie

+ Anti-vibration ability

+ Better OLED display

However, if the above features are not so important to you, then the iPhone 7 is the perfect smartphone for you in 2019. With light weight, Touch ID, “cool camera” and price. You won’t miss too much when choosing iPhone 7 instead of the expensive iPhone XI.