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Alienware Co-Founder Is Going To Join AMD?! Truth Or Rumor?

Alienware Co-Founder Is Going To Join AMD?! Truth Or Rumor?

. 2 min read

The co-founder of Alienware – Frank Azor has confirmed he’s leaving the famous gaming PC company. While most feel shocked about this news, the rumors he joining one of the biggest chip manufacturers AMD have spread all over the internet.

Frank Azor confirmed his leaving Alienware
Frank Azor confirmed his leaving Alienware

After 22 years working in Alienware, Frank Azor finally decided to say goodbyes to his current position. He announced this in an AlienwareArena post, looking back to the memories with his former company. Later, the former Alienware’s CEO posted on Twitter that he’d “take a new opportunity to grow the gaming industry.”

Frank Azor’s Tweet

It’s not strange that Frank can easily find a new job. He’s a talented person who has a strong voice and impact in the industry. However, the real question many people bear in mind is that where Frank Azor will go.

According to rumors on Wccftech, he might end up being the Chief Gaming Officer of AMD – another tech giant. Well, you may ask yourself, “What does the title means?” or “Is it even a real position?” However, with Frank’s ability as well as his experience in creating the success of one of the most iconic gaming PC companies worldwide, everything can happen. 

Yes, none of us know the true by far. But if the rumors are true, we could probably see another step of AMD dominating the market. They will continue focusing on gaming as some of their most popular upcoming products intrigue us. Its chips will appear in both Xbox 2 (or also called Projects Scarlett), the PS5, and even streaming services like Google Stadia.

Either way, if Frank Azor is indeed going to be the new member of AMD, we’re looking forward to seeing what changes he will make from within Team Red. Possibilities are endless. Who’s know? Maybe he’ll bring new vibes to the next generation of AMD Navi.