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Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak warned people to stay away from Facebook forever

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak warned people to stay away from Facebook forever

. 2 min read

Wozniak is said to have removed his personal Facebook account since last year. Now, he recommended that everyone should do the same.

The opinion of Steve

Recently, TMZ had conducted a brief interview with Woz at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC. He warned that the shortcomings in privacy protection on some of the largest social networking platforms in the planet make it unworthy to be used. He also said, in general, that “who knows, maybe my cell phone is bugging me right now?”

“There are many types of people, and for some of them, Facebook’s benefits deserve to trade in the loss of privacy,” Wozniak said. “But for many people like me, my recommendation is – for most people – you should try to leave Facebook.”

Wozniak said that although he was worried about big tech firms violating user privacy, he didn’t think there was any way to prevent it.

“But, everything about you … I mean, they can measure your heart rate with lasers today. They can eavesdrop on you with so many devices. Who knows whether my cell phone “I don’t know. Is it listening right now or not? Alexa appears on regular newsletters” – Woz said.

“So I’m worried because you’re having an exchange that you think is private. You say words that really shouldn’t be heard by anyone else, because you don’t want that at all. But there is literally no way to stop it,” Woz continued.

Steve Wozniak
Steve Wozniak

The problem of privacy

Wozniak left Facebook just 3 weeks after the Cambridge Analytica scandal appeared full on all newspapers in March 2018. The scandal revealed that private companies are using Facebook data to manipulate the presidential election in 2016. This action was to bring advantages to President Donald Trump – namely, tracking emotions, and behavior of users on this platform. Facebook since that scandal is to be in violation in many other cases, including complicity in Myanmar’s genocide – according to a UN report. Facebook acknowledged that its platform had been used to “instigate secession and incite real-life violence.”

The solution Wozniak offered – a solution that has been opposed by many before is to let people pay to have privacy on social networks.

“People think they have some degree of privacy that doesn’t really exist. Why don’t they give me an option? Let me pay a sum of money, and you’ll keep my data safe and more private than others who want to offer it to advertisers.”

I don’t know what to say, but wish you luck with that idea Woz. And wish us all luck!