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Apple Executing iTunes? Rumors Or The Truth?

Apple Executing iTunes? Rumors Or The Truth?

. 6 min read

A few days ago, rumors about Apple executing iTunes started floating all over the internet. Some accounts even came up with suspicious movements of Apple to prove this theory.

However, many still casted doubts on these “unjustified” news. Indeed. iTunes is the monument of all-in-one media apps. It has survived through nearly two decades and brought back uncountable profit for Apple.

That’s also why nearly no one can think of Apple execution on “the goose once laid golden eggs.”

So, what is the truth? Whether Apple executing iTunes is a rumor or a concealed news? Find out now!

Suspicious Movements Of Apple Recently

When the whole world was waiting for an official confirmation from Apple to clear up the doubts, the father of iPhones decided to remain silent.

While this movement of Apple seemed to placate many iTunes lovers, their latest actions suggest the imminent death of this legendary app.

Apple Deleted All Of Their Social Media Accounts Regarding iTunes – June 1st

During the storm of opinions, Apple clearing out all iTunes accounts on all social media platforms (most recently were Instagram and Facebook) has intrigued many fans.

iTunes' Facebook Page
iTunes’ Facebook Page
iTunes' Instagram Account
iTunes’ Instagram Account

Although iTunes Twitter page managed to stay alive after the purge, there have been no updates and news posted for a week now.

Macrumors even pointed out that this tech giant might have renamed iTunes page into its new Apple TV page on Facebook.

“They migrated not only all of the posts but also approximately 30 million likes and the original creation date of April 29, 2009.”

cited Macrumors

Moreover, on the Instagram page of iTunes, Apple also suggests that followers should have a look at the latest Apple TV page on Instagram.

Apple redirected to – June 2nd.

In the morning of June 2nd, Craig Hockenberry – a famous reporter from Iconfactory posted an interesting Tweet about his exploration on the redirecting of to

Right after that, Kyle Seth Gray immediately revealed on his Twitter account that Apple is deleting iTunes links on its apps, podcasts, TVs, films, and books.

According to his post, Apple is replacing with specific links for distinct categories like,,,, and

Now, most redirections are automatic while some links still work when changing URLs manually.

What actually happened to iTunes?

We all know that the music industry has changed rapidly in these two recent decades, especially since Apple released iTunes in 2001. It has created a revolution on how people buy songs and albums.

This service came to life when the music industry was facing one of their most challenging problems – smuggling. With the appearance of hundreds of online music sites, there was no way authority could solve the problem.

Until iTunes solved everything!

iTunes came and saved the situation
iTunes came and saved the situation

However, after 18 years, this app has been downgraded. Nowadays, most users complain about how much space iTunes takes up. Therefore, Apple putting an end to their old baby has come into the prediction of many people.

It’s only a matter of time – many put it that way. And it seems like now is the perfect moment for Apple to take actions.

Recently, Apple has officially spoken out to its users. According to them, the fate of iTunes will be revealed in the upcoming WWDC. All the signs are clear – the end of iTunes is on the way.

The Epilogue Of iTunes

Apple keynotes are always fascinating and pleasing. The one that launched the WWDC 2019, earlier Jun 3rd, saw Craig Federighi give a talk about iTunes.

At first, some of the 6,000 people attended the event were skeptical about what he presented. It was the longest keynotes ever, which lasted for 2 hours 15 minutes. In his speech, Federighi stated that what people always complain about iTunes is that it didn’t do enough.

Federighi at the keynote
Federighi at the keynote

He asked whether it’d be better if iTunes had a built-in calendar or an email set up? Would people feel satisfied if Apple came up with unlikely app additions? These questions raised a forest of possibilities.

And as he continued listing out more and more maniacal suggestions that could sort out iTunes in a blink of an eye, we realized how much iTunes could have been improved. That’s when Federighi opened up about Apple’s plans.

Right at that moment, we know the day Apple executing iTunes has come. With only one strike, Federighi put an end to iTunes.

What might come after Apple executing iTunes?

As we all know, Apple has already deleted nearly every sight of iTunes on social media, except its Twitter account. According to Bloomberg, this might relate to the upcoming plan of this tech giant.

iTunes will be replaced by these 3 apps
iTunes will be replaced by these 3 apps

And indeed. According to leaks, there will be three rookies replacing the old all-in-one media app iTunes. Each of them will manage a part of what iTunes provided – Music, TVs, and podcasts.

“The future of iTunes is three apps, not one; each provides a deeper and more targeted experience,”

said Craig Federighi
Apple Music

The new Music app, according to Apple, will run much faster with the incredible ease of use. In other words, it’s a simplified and improved version of the old iTunes.

Apple Music
Apple Music

As its name suggests, this will only be in charge of the Music category. It offers more than 50 million songs and tons of exclusives. Unlike iTunes, Music users can get access to all of their music. Whether they are downloaded tracks or purchased songs or music ripped from CDs, you can find them here.

Apple TV

The Apple TV app works the same, except that it only provides movies and TV shows. In fact, the upcoming appearance of Apple TV has been out for quite a long time with a lot of promises.

“When you sit down to watch TV, you want to see the shows that you love. The new Apple TV will be even more entertaining and more personal.”

said Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple

The Apple TV app remains the video-based elements of iTunes, which allows users to purchase and rent their favorites. Full 4K HDR is also a notable addition integrated into this rookie.

Personalized recommendations and Up Next, where you can track your favorites are also a huge plus for Apple TV. And, of course, the upcoming Apple TV+ subscription service will be launched in this app, too.

Apple Podcasts

The upcoming popular Apple Podcasts app will come with an extensive library of over 700,000 shows in its catalog. Users will also receive notifications when new episodes are available.

Apple Podcasts
Apple Podcasts

Moreover, the app also comes with more categories and curated content by global editors. The advanced search tool of Apple Podcasts also filters the results by hosts, guests, and even trending topics.

All in all,

So, the era of iTunes has come to an end. Although it has fallen out of favor of many in these recent years, what iTunes brought back are undeniable. It did change the way we chose, bought, and enjoyed music.

iTunes never has and will never die. It just transformed into a new form to serve users better. And the keynote on June 4th, 2019, was just an occasion to look back the journey of iTunes, to remind us how much it has changed over time.

Under its era, iTunes has done a great job, and from now on, the rookies will carry on its success.