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Bill Gates calls Steve Jobs a "bastard" with "casting a spell" abilities on employees to work for many hours and glamour customers around the world

Bill Gates calls Steve Jobs a "bastard" with "casting a spell" abilities on employees to work for many hours and glamour customers around the world

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In a recent program leadership on CNN, Microsoft founder, Bill Gates has had some remarkable sharing of Steve Jobs.

Bill Gates said, Steve Jobs was one of the few people who was capable of turning a company on the brink of bankruptcy into the most valuable company in the world, in part by his “enchantment” talent.

I was like an apprentice witch because every time he launched spell, everyone all seemed to be fascinated, but since I was a witch, it didn’t work for me. I have never met anyone who can compare to Jobs about the ability to select talent, promote talent, and comment on designs like him.

According to Bill Gates.

Steve fails when he was when being pushed out of Apple in the 1980s and created some products like the NeXT computer. And, though, Bill Gate supposed that NeXT computer as “a disastrous and unreasonable failure,” he still affirmed Steve Jobs has the enchant people ability. Later, Apple bought the NeXT computer software company – which Steven Jobs founded in 1985 – for $ 429 million, and he also returned to work here.

Steve Jobs was young.
Steve Jobs was young

John Scully, who held the position of CEO of Apple in 1983 – 1993 period, also had some sharing.

Jobs – 1.0 version is an excellent person when seeing the future of the world for 20 years. He can persuade himself and everyone that he is always right. However, Steve Jobs 1.0 weakness is failing to listen as good as Steve Jobs at many years later. This change has opened many new thinking ways for him. After returning to Apple, everyone considered Jobs as the main responsible person for rescuing the company from the brink of bankruptcy.

According to John Scully.

Bill Gates commented, sometimes Steve Jobs is a “bastard” in operating because of his hard-handled management. Even so, thanks to these ways, he created many positive things. According to the second-richest billionaire in the world, Jobs is also a master at “chanting charm” to motivate and make Apple employees work for many consecutive hours.

When answering about Microsoft in the early days of establishment, Bill Gates said; “the company at that time was full of male employees, and we were very strict at work. I have to admit that stricture is sometimes a bit too much.”

At the moment, Gates is a positive philanthropist with an estimated estate of $ 107 billion. He himself says he is no longer as strict as before. In fact, few people know Bill Gates at the age of 20 was an “ill-natured” boss.

In an event took place last month with business leaders, Gates shared his working attitude when he was young. He said: “I had not ever believed in weekends and holidays.”

Gates was in the office so much that he memorize the license plates of all employees. And, he would pay attention to the time they starting work and the time of their off work. These aim to see how many hours they had worked for that day.

The co-founder – Paul Allen – revealed in a 2011 article: “Microsoft is a stressful environment because Bill Gates always pushes everyone like the way he pushes himself.”

According to GQ magazine, Bill Gates kept the habit of “tracking” employees. He also regularly pushed them throughout the early years of its existence. Thus, many people consider him a boss always bully subordinates at work.

Billionaire couple, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates.
Billionaire couple Bill Gates and Melinda Gates.

However, everything changed when Gates turned 30 and started dating to Melinda Gates, who later became his wife. The billionaire recounted that he relaxed a bit more and spent more time to rest. This helped him to partially control his harsh management style at Microsoft.