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Burger King plans to use GPS and traffic data on Google Maps to sell burger to customers in traffic jams.

Burger King plans to use GPS and traffic data on Google Maps to sell burger to customers in traffic jams.

. 3 min read

Such an innovative idea for using GPS and traffic data provided by Google Maps. Burger King now plans to implement a new service to help hungry customers who are stuck in traffic.

front of Burger King store

Burger King is preparing this new strategy to deliver combos, burgers, chips, and iced cold Coca-Colas to customers who are stuck in traffic in Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, and Shanghai, the Bloomberg stated.

This famous fast food brand is testing this new service in Mexico. Burger King will count on the “Rappi” to make the delivery instead of using its dedicated delivery motorbikes.

In order to prepare for the new idea, Burger King started tracking traffic information and traffic congestion on the Google maps application whereby the store will be able to make the delivery efficiently to the customer’s location.

“We Believers,” says we must make sure meals stay hot, and drinks stay cold.

Burger King’s cooperation partner advertising team, “We Believers,” provided one of the important issues that Burger King is currently facing. The delivery has to be within a radius of 3 km to ensure the meal stays hot, and the drinks stay cold. Therefore, the fast food company has to be selective with the customers in traffic jams. If the customers are too far away, there might be an issue for delivery.

The fast-food brand has not confirmed any clear information about this new sale strategy count on Google’s GPS database. However, it is showing that the food and beverage companies are now moving towards this new opportunity.

There are burgers on a table

Drones to deliver combos?

The creative director Gustavo Lauria from “We Believers” stated that Burger King is making this new strategy, and pushing the new delivery service in the right direction. The fast food store is also trying to find a new delivery system that will be safer and more effective.

Some news leaks said that Lauria’s statement could possibly mean that Burger King will start using drones for delivery. As we know, the drone delivery method makes a lot of sense as it can be quick, easy to maneuver around cars, and always on time even during the traffic jams.

Back in the past, the fast food chain Domino tried to use drones for their delivery in 2016. However, for some reason, this certain fast-food chain has put an end to the use of drones all of a sudden.

Prime Air, a drone system already used by Amazon.

Amazon is starting to use this drone delivery service as well. A new brand named Prime Air. This firm’s director Jeff Bezos said that the drone is a potential and convenient delivery. Also, Amazon stated that the firm has researched and built an automatic collision avoidance system for drones. This new system will help to protect the food from crashing, and causing damage to drones, or properties, or most importantly, the food!

It shows that this new drone delivery is on its way to other fields of development across the world. This new delivery method is no longer only in Africa, Europe, and America. We are now also waiting for the Burger King campaign will make it ways to Shanghai. Even after that, it is possible to develop in many other different countries across the world. We can see the progression of such a new idea, using this technology to help businesses become more healthy and more convenient.