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Detail the new Mac Pro: Minimalistic design, haunting those who are afraid of holes

Detail the new Mac Pro: Minimalistic design, haunting those who are afraid of holes

. 2 min read

Currently, Apple just launched a completely new MacBook Pro. The new model has been priced at 5,999 USD. This is not a low price; however, it’s showing that the technology experts are praising it all the way.

a new macbook pro is being displayed on a table, and 3 people are looking at it

The configuration of the Mac Pro includes Intel Xeon chips starting from 8 up to 28 cores, RAM capacity from 32GB up to 1.5TB, SSDs from 256GB up to 4TB, and AMD Radeon Pro GPU or Vega GPU, according to MPX standards. In order to provide enough power for this “hardware monster,” Apple has integrated the new Mac Pro power supply with a capacity of 1400W.

a new macbook pro is being displayed on a table, and two people are taking photos of it, and some people are looking at it.

Not only the internal hardware is so powerful, but the exterior design is also beautiful and different. Let’s take a look at the beauty of this new Mac Pro. It is hard to realize that this is an Apple product if there is no introduction or a legend apple logo on the side. We can see a big difference from previous product designs.

It seems that Apple has improved the old Mac Pro, which has a cylindrical shape, making the heat dissipation harder. With the new Mac Pro design, the firm changed its design to the rectangular design, and both the front and back have a lot of holes. That makes the heat dissipation more efficient.

It sounds like this new Mac Pro is a rectangular block with holes on sides. However, up close, the new Apple model is very delicate. These grille plates have an in-depth design; looking from the outside, it is not as simple as a perforated net. The frame is stainless steel, and the four lower legs can be replaceable with wheels to move more easily. On the upper side, there are two handles; you can lift the entire cover-up and show the machine parts inside.

However, this new Mac Pro design can be counterproductive for people who have an obsession regarding holes. Some people get goosebumps from these holes in the heat sink or the new Pro Display XDR screen.

The main advantage is the internal design of the new Mac Pro, which makes it easy for users to upgrade the configuration if desired. There are 8 full-size PCIe slots so users can upgrade graphics or storage space if they want.

a heat sink is on a table showing its holes

Apple also demonstrated demos that showed the processing power of the new Mac Pro. However, the guests have not touched it, tried it, or had any interaction with it. Even though all the new software can be found, such as Logic, Lightroom, and Final Cut Pro X, this time, Apple wants to target professionals in the areas of film, music, production, photo editing, and 3D graphics.