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Did you know these essential accessories for laptops user?

Did you know these essential accessories for laptops user?

. 2 min read

You need a desk to put a laptop on, simple?

Sofia + Sam Laptop stand stray has
a spacious area, suitable for 15-17 inches laptop models. The unique feature of this kit is the base made of memory foam cushion material, giving a smooth and airy feeling when placing it on our lap. The product also integrates a mouse tray, smartphone and USB reading light.

Foldable Amazon American laptop desk. With its compact size and lightweight, users can flexibly use it while lying on a bed, make children’s reading tables … Two lock buttons on each side allow height adjustment, the product also has three different tilt levels from 0-30 degrees.

What about some Usb devices?

Excuty Hub extension from a type C port to other common connections such as USB 3.0, HDMI, SD, microSD card slot … The product is imported by Japan Fado Cross-border e-commerce. It is necessary for thin laptops that have a few extra ports.

US Onxe mini fan for laptop. It’s small and easy to carry everywhere.
However, It’s especially high durability and simple mechanism, just connect to the USB port on the laptop or spare battery. LED mode on the fan when operating also shows time as a clock.

Sabrent 4 port USB Hub  ( VND 400,000) allowing simultaneous operation of up to 4 separate devices even though the laptop only supports a single USB port. It is easy to carry in bags, or luggage.

Lastly, your laptop also need protection.

Casebuy shockproof Laptop bag with up to 6 color options. In addition to the laptop compartment, the bag possesses three external drawers for users to store accessories or the battery charger… The product also has water resistance and moisture resistance thanks to nylon canvas material, protecting the device from unfortunate incidents.

YMYWorldAnti-theft stickers help users to freely use computers in public environments such as coffee shops, airports… This product is imported from Japan via Fado cross-border e-commerce and now on sale.