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Essential apps for travelers

Essential apps for travelers

. 4 min read

Technology is an indispensable part of daily life. Hence, most problems can be solved with these available apps. Owning useful applications will help you enjoy the trip, in an easier way.

Map App – Google Map

This must be a familiar application that is indispensable in every phone, especially when traveling to new places. This app is very easy to use. In addition, it contains plenty of useful features like saving your hotel address, sharing your location, saving offline maps, saving your favorite places so you can schedule your optimal schedule more, traffic status. Furthermore, Google Maps can also result in directions for MRT, bus, Grab prices, which is very convenient.

Translation App – Google Translate

The biggest obstacle when coming to the new land is the language gap. However, with the development of technology, it is not necessary to be fluent in the local language. You still can easily communicate through features such as downloading offline languages, translating signs, menus through camera, conversation translation. Although the accuracy is not high. The benefits that this app brings to users are undeniable.

Currency Exchange App

The price of each place is different. The common psychology when traveling is that we often convert to Vietnamese currency. You can multiply by the exchange rate. Nevertheless, for big numbers, it is confusing and takes time. With this app, money exchange gets much more simple. In addition to the basic feature, some apps can also save the updated rates for the last time. This can provide a chart of price movements according to the period.

Booking App

Currently, booking tickets online is no longer strange. There is no need to go to the office, call the companies. Online booking is like being a boss, just sit at home and open apps, website, and keeps comparing prices, choose the flight time and set. Prices are cheaper, and there are also promotions as well. After the tickets, we can then book the hotel right in the apps.

When booking online, you can easily obtain the hotel information, including price, facilities, location. In most apps, there is also a photo section, guest feedback experiences sharing that could help you to avoid the case of false advertising. Especially in the holiday season, finding rooms will not be too difficult anymore, the problem of being ripped off is also limited somewhat.

Food App

This is an app to find restaurants and eateries; you can easily find the required items and read the review comments. Like Foody in Vietnam, when going to foreign countries depending on which country you travel to, there will be separate applications like Like a Local, Yelp, FoodPanda.

food app


This is an app that integrates air ticket booking, hotel rooms, finding restaurants, and entertainment venues with only 1 app. When the phone does not have too much capacity, owning this app alone solved tons of problems. The huge data warehouse comes from users’ sharing. Therefore, the image is not too elaborate, but there is a huge number of advice from travelers all over the world.


Transportation App

Before traveling, how did I often find out about the transport problem in that country? As when going to Sing, there is MRT, Bus, so I don’t put too much attention to calling a taxi. Partly because the price is also high. But when going to Malay, the price is not much different between Grab and public transport, so Grab it is. Therefore, installing several car booking applications on the phone is also very convenient in emergencies such as late flight hours.

Transportation App

Traffic Apps – Waze

Waze is a navigation app and the traffic situation, which is quite common for those who drive themselves. Waze belongs to Google, so you do not have to worry about the map data. When using this application, you will be provided with information about the status, traffic volume, where to buy gasoline, repaired roads shared by users. Just like joining a social network specializing in traffic, you can contact, live with other friends.

Wifi Finding Apps

There are many solutions to stay connected when traveling like Roaming, renting a wifi transmitter. The fastest way is to buy 4G travel sim. But if in case of need for wifi connection, these following apps will help you in wifi search. The coolest thing here is that you do not need a password.