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Galaxy M20 has set a selling record in Vietnam after having definite success in India. Xiaomi should start getting  worried about it.

Galaxy M20 has set a selling record in Vietnam after having definite success in India. Xiaomi should start getting worried about it.

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Samsung ruled the smartphone market in India until Xiaomi took over in 2017. Since then the Korean firm has been working aggressively to regain the spot. This year it got the influence in the form of the Galaxy M series to beat Xiaomi.

In addition, Samsung did not reveal much about the A series phones. We can see that one of the A series phones would come with an Infinity-U notch display, a triple-lens camera and a 6-inch display. The first Galaxy A Series handset is expected to arrive next month.

The breakthrough of Galaxy M20

However, by the end of January, Samsung unveiled a brand new Galaxy M series with 2 new models, M10 and M20. Specifically, the Galaxy M20 which is a very attractive smartphone in the mid-range segment with 6.3-inch water drop screen, full HD + resolution. M20 uses Exynos 7904 chip, 3 or 4GB RAM and 64GB storage capacity. Other hardware includes a 13MP + 5MP rear camera, 8MP front camera and 5,000mAh battery. This is a product that the Korean firm has decided for it to be “all hands” with Xiaomi. And seizing the market share of smartphones in the cheaper segments.

One phone on the basket and its camera is opened.

During the first sale opening in India at the beginning of February, Galaxy M20 has been sold out within minutes. On both Amazon India and Samsung’s home page, all Galaxy M20 models went out of stock quickly.

While selling in Vietnam, according to our sources, the Galaxy M20 continues to set a record of sales. With the starting price of 4.99 million, with a huge number of customers buying the product. From February 23rd morning till the end of the day, a Galaxy M20 was estimated to be sold every 3 seconds nationwide. According to statistics, even at the biggest retail system, from 8 p.m to 10 p.m on February 23, more than 12,000 customers ordered Galaxy M20.

As of February 23, some retail stores in Vietnam had no phones left in stock to sell to customers. Out of stock situation is one of the reasons that reflects how much Galaxy M20 is the most attractive smartphone currently in the mid-range segment.

one phone on a table and showing its back

Galaxy M20 is one of the first products in the new strategy that Samsung is currently preparing for the new Galaxy M series. Specifically, the new Galaxy M model series will focus on performance factors, long battery life, fast charging technology and large screen area.

The battle between Samsung and Xiaomi

In the recent years, Xiaomi has always used a strategy of selling smartphones. It’s the “cheaper price in comparison with the configuration”. This helped Chinese smartphone firm to gain market in the mid-range segment, within developing countries, from Samsung.

However, if a famous brand like Samsung launches smartphones. It has to be at a cheaper price in comparison with the configuration. And consumers will probably be willing to forget about Xiaomi’s existence.

Above all that was mentioned, the success of Galaxy M20 has clearly shown this. Xiaomi should probably prepare for a not so bright future. Specially when Samsung continues its strategy and launches more Galaxy M models.