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Huawei is testing Aurora - Russia's operating system count on Sailfish OS

Huawei is testing Aurora - Russia's operating system count on Sailfish OS

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According to a Russian newspaper, Huawei is testing a Russian developed operating system called Aurora (ABpopa). At the same time, Chine’s Global Times reported that major domestic technology companies are developing Huawei’s Hongmeng OS.

Aurora, the operating system developed based on Sailfish OS – Jolla’s operating system.

Aurora is the operating system that is based on Sailfish OS, which belongs to the Jolla operating system from Finland. This Jolla firm is established by the people who made the Meego operating system on the Nokia N9. Currently, Jolla is still providing Sailfish OS for different small device companies. This firm was producing Jolla phones and Jolla Tablet for a time. Here more information about Sailfish for you:

The Russian Open Mobile Platform developed Aurora with the backing of Grigory Benrezkin. Grigory Benrezkin is a successful businessman who is currently the director of the ESN Energo energy group. In 2018, the state-owned network company Rostelecom bought 75% of Open Mobile Platform shares.

3 phones are showing their screens

The cooperation between China and Russia.

The Russian news The bell provided that Huawei’s rotating President Guo Ping with the Russian Digital Development and Communication Minister Konstantin started to deploy to the project converting Huawei smartphone to Sailfish. This project is also raised at the international Economic forum St. Petersburg 2019 between the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Chinese President Xi Jinping. Besides, Huawei has ensured its role in developing the 5G network in Russia.

A not clear leak from a Huawei’s staff or a Russian official revealed that China had tested Aurora OS on their devices. And they will start to install Aurora OS on Huawei’s devices. Besides, two big countries are going to make cooperation in manufacturing chip and software.

Even though the current issue is the alternative operating system for Android OS, however, the fact that the entire Chinese hardware and software supply chain needs to be concerned and rebuilt. So that the relationship between China – Russia in the alliance is necessary for the new development.

2 phones are standing straight and Huawei's logo next to.

Huawei Hongmeng OS is 60% faster than Android.

Interestingly, as soon as the news about Huawei testing Aurora OS, Huawei’s observers are focusing on many other big Chinese technology firms, including Tencent, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo.

According to Global Times, a Chinese state-owned newspaper, “Huawei is testing Hongmeng OS with major Internet companies and domestic smartphone manufacturers. In the next few months, they will release this new operating system.” And this page headline was: “Huawei Hongmeng OS is 60% faster than Android.”

It is extremely interesting that when combining the two information bases, this will result in creating a joint technology between China and Russia. This will also lead to emerging and breaking the dominance of US technology. This actually creates a so-called “spinternet,” in which an alternative ecosystem that will attack the market. This coalition of power will create independence from the US hardware and software, and subsequently, break Google’s monopoly.

A hand is holding a phone, and the thump is putting on the phone's screen

The challenge in the European market.

Meanwhile, it’s entirely possible that Huawei is exploring many alternatives. The company seems to have all the tools and plans to survive with almost unlimited research and development capabilities. However, selling products that run such alternative software outside the domestic and Russian markets is still a challenge for the firm. In Europe, convincing users to try something outside the Android world is almost impossible.

Despite this, the meetings between two presidents, Putin and Xi Jinping, are showing that the new technology is being developed by two huge countries.