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Huawei 'postponed laptop production indefinitely' after the US ban

Huawei 'postponed laptop production indefinitely' after the US ban

. 2 min read

Due to the key technologies used from the US, Huawei cannot produce laptops after the embargo by Donald Trump.

The ban from the US

According to CNBC, Richard Yu, Huawei’s director of consumer business, the company had decided to indefinitely postpone the launch of a new laptop from the Matebook line. “We cannot provide PC,” Yu revealed. He added that this is an “unfortunate” situation.

When asked whether the Huawei could reproduce the laptop in the future, he said it would depend on how long the company stays in the “blacklist” of the US.

Huawei laptops were killed after the US ban. Photo: Dbrand.
Huawei laptops were killed after the US ban. Photo: Dbrand.

Unlike mobile devices, Huawei laptops depend largely on US suppliers. The premium Matebook X Pro uses Intel processors and Windows operating systems.

The action from Huawei

Chinese corporations are seeking to minimize the negative impact of Donald Trump embargo. They actively develop mobile chipsets, their own operating systems, and purchase spare parts before the 90-day period ends on August 19.

Earlier, Huawei’s core business was to provide telecommunications equipment. However, in 2018, the consumer business sector, including mobile phones, laptops, and wearable devices, was the division with the highest revenue. Besides manufacturing smartphones, Huawei has also expressed its ambition to become the world’s largest personal computer supplier.

In the phone manufacturing segment, Huawei is better at preparation due to the “homemade” HiSilicon chipset. The company also silently developed its own operating system, replacing Android. The company expects to launch the platform this year. For other components, Huawei may rely on several Asian suppliers.

Since Huawei threatens American security, the Donal Trump administration has put Chinese corporations on the list of “conditional exports” since May 15. This means that US companies cannot provide components, software, and services for Huawei without a special license from the regulatory authority.

The administration then renews the ban for an additional 90 days. The following action is for Huawei to have time to prepare and support customers who are using its products.