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Images leaks revealing Huawei's new OS "Ark", running on Android's platform with similar iOS interface.

Images leaks revealing Huawei's new OS "Ark", running on Android's platform with similar iOS interface.

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Due to the consequences of terminating the relationship with Google, Huawei is now among the blacklist of banned entities in the American government. This included removing many of Huawei’s devices from the beta program of Android Q. Huawei’s devices in the future will not be able to receive updates and security patches as well.

It all started in March this year, when Yu Chengdong aka Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business division stated that Huawei has developed its own operating systems for smartphones and computers. He also said that Huawei will start implementing this OS in case the company cannot use Android or Windows systems anymore. Specially after the following tensions between Huawei and the US government.

Huawei prepares for the battle

The trademark request is currently under examination. Which means that it hasn’t been approved yet by the European board union. However, this would indicate that Huawei is on the sure path of making plans to survive without Android in the EU.

After ending the coorperation and getting locked and loaded for the battle, Huawei has created a separate mobile OS to replace Android, named “Hong Meng” or Ark OS. Huawei stated that their new OS is ready to launch right this year.  Also Huawei has registered trademarks for “Huawei Hongmeng” from China’s Trademark Office of National Intellectual Property Administration. The application submission had a date of Aug 24, 2018. However it was publicly announced on May 14, 2019. The duration of this trademark registration is valid from May 14, 2019, to May 13, 2029.

Screenshots showing Ark OS

3 screenshots of Ark OS, showing some weather applications and a list of other main processes and apps from a mobile phone with ARK OS

Recently, some new leaks have revealed a couple of screenshots about Ark OS. This occurred while in practical application with the Chamber of German Trademarks and patents. Although these images look fuzzy, they can show us some interesting leaks.

Most of all, these images are showing the plain simple look of the UI and its extreme similarity to iOS.

Android Green Alliance, Made by major Chinese parties.

Ark OS shows evidence that this is simply a branched code of Android. Or at least it is compatible with most Android apps. In the following image, we can see that the “weather” app has a description “Android Green Alliance” compatibility.

A screenshot of Weather app showing " android green alliance" highlighted and 2 bottoms " uninstall" and " force stop"

Android Green Alliance was founded with the participation of Huawei and four famous Chinese internet companies. These companies are Alibaba, Baidu, Tencent, and NetEase on 2016. This alliance was established with the intent of developing further Android experiences. Huawei is one of the parties that has an important role throughout the partnership with Google. Its role was to provide other members of alliance the necessary technical support and compatibility with Android.

As showing in the user interface images above, the unique “Uninstall” and “Force Stop” buttons are an unmistakable features of Android. Which clearly points out to the fact that this OS is mainly based on Android architecture.

3 screenshots of Ark OS

These images are quite reliable, since Huawei has published them on their profile. However, the fact that the new OS is based on Android, is very reasonable. As it will make compatibility with apps and user experience much easier and more reliable.

Despite the Android Green Alliance’s efforts, things might be a bit hectic. As in order for the apps to be fully compatible with Android devices, the Alliance needs support and approval from Google. Since Google is the only party to provide plenty of resources and statistics in regards to the apps in question. And also checking the compatibility of the apps on device models and compatible testing tools. Therefore, with Google putting an end to such cooperation, it is likely that this support will no longer exist. We also forecast that some issues may arise, causing compatibility problems.