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iPhone XR 2019 will have a better battery than the predecessor generation

iPhone XR 2019 will have a better battery than the predecessor generation

. 1 min read

As expected, Apple will launch the iPhone 2019 trio to inherit the current product line – iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR this fall. This will surely be good news for Apple fans.

According to Theelec’s report, Amperex Technology Limited has begun to launch a series of batteries for iPhone 2019. The first device to be prioritized is the successor version of the iPhone XR, also known as iPhone XI R. In addition, the battery pack will be produced by another Chinese company called Huapu Technology.

The report also revealed that the battery used for the successor model iPhone XR would have a capacity of 3110mAh. This is a significant improvement over the current iPhone XR’s 2942mAh battery. This is the highest battery capacity iPhone ever that is only with 1 tablet battery.

Meanwhile, iPhone XS and XS Max will still use two battery cells combined. Currently, the process of mass production of iPhone XS and XS Max’s batteries is yet to begin.

Apple is expected to equip the “L” shaped battery for all three iPhone models this year because it is much safer and can be easily mass produced. Technology giant Cupertino recently launched iOS 13 at WWDC 2019 event. As expected, the company will continue to launch the iPhone 2019 trio on this fall, probably in September as usual.