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It takes lots of time to finally found 2 reasons for the iPod Touch 2019 to win the hearts of Apple fans

It takes lots of time to finally found 2 reasons for the iPod Touch 2019 to win the hearts of Apple fans

. 4 min read

Apple has just officially announced a new version of the iPod Touch music player line. This is also the first time Apple has improved this product line over the last 4 years.

The first impression of the media and users about the new iPod was quite negative. This machine only had modest features and nothing like breakthroughs. Nothing changes, the screen size and camera parameters remained the same. It didn’t even have Face ID – face detection technology or Touch ID fingerprint reader to unlock. Ironically, the iPod Touch’s design hasn’t changed since 2012!

However, when thinking more carefully, the iPod Touch can still be a reasonable choice for those who want to “penetrate” Apple’s service ecosystem without spending too much money.


An iOS 12 device with super reasonable price: only 199 USD

But, let’s try to put your position as the person who owns a smart phone, especially Android platform users. Who is holding a machine with good specifications and most of the features and technologies latest. The one who just want a device running iOS to play games written specifically for the platform.

Listen to music, or use Apple’s services provided for ecosystem devices like reading Apple News + service or Apple Arcade subscription game service? In that case, the iPod Touch will be an extremely economical option. And if you’re not afraid to bring two devices with you at the same time, iPod Touch will be a companion every day, providing you with all the gadgets from Apple’s world.

The new iPod Touch also supports group FaceTime calling
The new iPod Touch also supports group FaceTime calling (second image from right).

iPod Touch has a very low price compared to Apple’s standard, with a starting price of only 199 USD. The cheapest iPhone you can find at the moment – iPhone 7 with the A10 Fusion chip similar to the new iPod Touch – has a starting price of up to 449 USD. The price of the iPod Touch is low enough for an Android user to buy to see how the other Apple users are.

So what do you get in return at such a low price? In fact, the iPod Touch is basically an iPhone with no phone call function. You can’t make regular calls over your mobile network using an iPod. But, if you live in a Wi-Fi-enabled environment, you can still use iPod to call FaceTime like on other iPhones. Even the newest group FaceTime feature works on this new iPod Touch.

You will also be able to use Apple’s latest mobile platform, iOS 12, and augmented reality (AR), which the previous generation iPod Touch couldn’t do.

This machine has a headphone jack!

In addition, there are other advantages of the iPod Touch music player that you may not recognize immediately (or even forget it!). At 6.1 mm thick and weighing only about 88 grams, the iPod touch is an amazingly thin and light device. By comparison, iPod Touch is 1.6mm thinner than the iPhone XS, and weighs less than half (iPhone XS weighs about 177 grams). Another thing is different from the newer iPhone models, the iPod Touch still has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

It has been nearly 3 years since Apple eliminated this jack on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus duo. Many users still seem to be annoyed when the new iPhone models lack this kind of extremely popular and useful plug port. At the time of 2019, its appearance will probably still be welcomed by many people. This because of its usefulness and convenience. iPod Touch did it well. What if you want to use a wireless headset? No problem, the new iPod Touch supports Bluetooth connectivity standard 4.1.

The latest iPhone XS cannot do like this!
The latest iPhone XS cannot do like this!

The iPod was originally born for music purposes, but with the iPod Touch product line, gaming features are equally important. At this price, iPod Touch is a reasonable choice. When you want to let your children play games for the iOS platform without paying thousands of USD for iPhones. And then, feel regret if they accidentally broke the machine in the middle of a hot game.

Although many people will opt for the initial version of the iPod Touch because of its very low price. Apple also offers a 256GB iPod Touch for twice the price of $ 399. But I am sure you will not be able to find an iPhone with the same memory capacity costs less than 749 USD! If you have a large music collection and need a device that can store all of your music, then the iPod Touch 256GB is definitely not a bad choice.

Small note for you: The iPod Touch 2019 only shows significant improvement over the previous generation in gaming capabilities. But the music function stays almost the same.

In general, Apple products are not cheap. They have never, and probably will never be. But some of the biggest benefits that Apple brings to users are not hardware, but software. As well as in the ecosystem of services that are getting more and more extensive, specially in this year. The cheap iPod Touch, which comes with the current A10 chip, is still capable of performing most of the usual tasks. This will be a perfect choice for the one who don’t care about the battle going on out there between Android and iOS. But, only want a good game and / or music player.