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Latest iPad Benchmark released, with the latest CPU tech "A12 Bionic", 3GB RAM, and clock in same as 2018 iPhone models.

Latest iPad Benchmark released, with the latest CPU tech "A12 Bionic", 3GB RAM, and clock in same as 2018 iPhone models.

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This morning, Apple surprisingly announced the 5th generation iPad and the new model iPad Air. Apple has equipped and optimized both of the tablets with its tech chip, the A12 Bionic CPU.

Latest Apple tablet product the iPad 11.2, in white color and blue background,  connected to external keyboard accessory and a touchpen.

Apple-designed A12 bionic CPU, A whole new level of intelligence .

The A12 Bionic, with Apple’s next-generation Neural Engine, can output incredible performance. The latest A12 Bionic CPU uses real-time machine learning to give a whole new meaning to the way the users can interact with photos, gaming, augmented reality, and a lot more of the next-generation apps.

Apple has designed the A12 bionic CPU in the following way: two performance cores to deal with heavy tasks and applications such as graphic rendering for ” Games” or Augmented Reality. And four efficiency cores take on everyday tasks such as social media, reminders, etc.

Apple’s newest A12 Bionic CPU dynamically divides work across its multiple cores. It allows its users to make full use of all six cores, especially when the device needs a considerate a power boost. The two heavy performance cores give a boost of performance to up to 15% faster than the previous A11 Bionic. While the secondary four efficiency cores gives a power usage efficiency up to 50% lower than the previous A11 Bionic CPU.

GeekBench’s analytical benchmark specs of the latest iPad 11.2”

And just now, MacRumor’s blog page has published the Geekbench benchmark for the latest iPad model 11.2″. This has taken place only few hours after Apple’s announcement of the product. Apple has confirmed in that their latest iPad 11.2″ will be operating on a base frequency of 2.49 GHz. This frequency is almost the same frequency of most recent iPhones.

This latest Apple tablet also has a total of 3GB RAM. If you compare its RAM specs to iPad Pro, it has 1GB less. And if you compare it to the 9.7″ iPad, it has 1 GB more. Comparing iPad 11.2″ to the iPhone 2018 series, it has the exact same RAM capacity as the iPhone XR specs. However, iPad 11.2 has lower RAM capacity compared to the 4GB RAM capacity on XS and XS Max.

Geekbench Benchmark Specifications for iPad 11.2
displaying single and multi-core scores, OS,  Hardware specifications such as Topology of the CPU " 1 processor, 6 cores" and Base frequency of 2.46 GHz

As shown above, iPad 11.2 scored 4806 points on the Geekbench single-core test and 11607 for the multi-core test. Not surprisingly, it’s on par with the iPhone, though a little faster, probably due to improvements on its OS, the iOS 12.2.

Right now, it is not clear whether iPad 11.2 is using the same components of iPad mini 5 or iPad Air 10.5”. However, the similarities between the two tablets indicate that both will have the same clock rate and RAM capacity.

Even though, iPad Air and iPad mini 5 have similarities in specs, we still have to wait for Geekbench’s benchmark score to confirm it whether it is true or not.

iPad Air and iPad mini 5 available for purchase on Apple’s official website.

Consumers now can order these devices online and receive it by the end of March.

The starting price for the iPad Air is $499 for the 64GB storage. Its specs include 10.5-inch Retina display, Touch ID, headphone jack and Apple Pencil support.

As for the iPad mini’s, it has 7.9-inch Retina screen, Apple Pencil support, Touch ID, 8MP rear camera and headphone jack. Its starting price is $ 399 for the 64GB storage.