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Mac Pro 2019: This “ Cheese Grater” is the most powerful Mac ever ?

Mac Pro 2019: This “ Cheese Grater” is the most powerful Mac ever ?

. 2 min read

It’s easy to upgrade and good heat dissipation

After the Mac Pro’s “trash can” design in 2013 that was an absolute disaster, Apple gave the new Mac Pro a design that resemble the older Mac Pros (2006-2012) with aluminum case. The overall design is neat. And just from looks of it we all know this is a computer (rather than a trash bin).

Beside the “mesh” front, the new Mac Pro has a lattice of larger holes in the exterior stainless steel casing. This design will allow air circulation and enhance the heat dissipation capability of the device.

Introducing the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR — Apple

Users can lift the Mac Pro’s cover to access the internal components through a steel handle at the top. Inside the Mac Pro, there are up to 8 PCIe slots, allowing users to install additional expansion cards. For example, a discrete GPUs.

Mac Pro Expansion Module: Extension card exclusively for Mac Pro

Each user object operates in a different field and has specific requirements for system performance, especially graphics. Therefore, Apple created the Mac Pro Expansion Module (MPX Module). MPX Module is an expansion card exclusively for Mac Pro, users can freely choose or upgrade based on individual needs.

The MPX Module has a unique design when it uses two connectors simultaneously. Besides the traditional PCIe connector, the MPX Module also has an additional PCIe connector to increase the maximum power supply and bandwidth. A Mac Pro that can mount up to two MPX modules at the same time.

The most advanced MPX module introduced by Apple this time is the AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo, with 2 Vega II GPUs, each of which includes 32GB of memory with 1TB / s bandwidth. This module allows users to connect up to 8 4K monitors, 4 5K monitors or 4 Pro Display XDR 6K monitors that has just released. In addition, Apple has the option of AMD Radeon Vega II and AMD Radeon Pro 580X modules with a lower price.

Afterburner: A tool for filmmakers

Afterburner is an interesting expansion card created by Apple exclusively for filmmakers and video editors. It supports hardware acceleration to help the system handling 3 8K videos or 12 4K videos at the same time.

The most powerful MacPro to date

The configuration of the Mac Pro includes Intel Xeon chips from 8 to up to 28 cores, RAM from 32GB to 1.5TB, SSDs from 256GB to 4TB and AMD Radeon Pro or Vega GPUs according to MPX standards. In order to provide enough power for this “hardware monster”, Apple has integrated the new Mac Pro power supply with a capacity of 1400W.

The Mac Pro will start at $ 5999 and will officially go on sale this fall.