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Microsoft launched Windows Terminal, a new command-line application for Windows 10

Microsoft launched Windows Terminal, a new command-line application for Windows 10

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Microsoft unveiled a new command line window application for the Windows operating system, named Windows Terminal, at the Microsoft’s Build developer conference this year. This will be a central application all-in-one. With this new system, users can access to command-line tools and shells like Cmd prompt, PowerShell commands, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The developers have been able to code and use the Windows Terminal tool from the source code provided on GitHub. However, Microsoft currently provided a simpler way for users to download and use this tool. Users can install and run Windows Terminal via the installer provided on Windows Store.

How the Windows Terminal application works.

The new application allows browsing multiple tabs so that users can execute multiple command line windows at the same time. Microsoft also provides interface options and some other personalization features to support users who want to customize the Terminal command window to be suitable for their personal preferences or needs. However, this is the first version of window 10; therefore, it does not provide enough features. Users will have to edit a JSON file if they want to customize all the options of this application. On the other hand, Microsoft also provides a guide to editing the JSON file, which instructs users how to change the background image of the Terminal command line window.

The new Windows Terminal

The Windows Terminal application also supports the text-rendering property with a full graphics processor (GPU). And the new application even allows users to insert emoji. At the Build conference, Microsoft demonstrated the ability to insert funny emoji into the Terminal window. Besides, the text renderer of this Windows Terminal application is based on DirectX. And this helps the Terminal can display text characters, decorative characters, and special symbols installed on your computer through the font.

Microsoft is planning to launch a series of experimental versions.

Microsoft confirmed that they are planning to release a preview of the Windows Terminal application in the mid-June this year. And it seems that is going to happen.

Kayla Cinnamon, managing Windows Terminal products, stated that this is just the first test version of a series of experimental versions in their plan. And they will soon release these versions in the Microsoft Store app store. Besides, the terminal application development team is planning to launch more regular versions for users who want to experience the latest versions of this application. And the official Windows Terminal 1.0 version will be available on the Microsoft Store in the winter this year.

a screenshot is showing the new terminal application

Microsoft is also working on the kernel of the Linux operating system to integrate Windows 10 into it. This helps to improve the performance of the Windows Subsystem for Linux system (WSL). If you want to experience a new Windows Terminal, you can download it from Windows Store now.