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Must-play games on smartphone

Must-play games on smartphone

. 2 min read

With a large number of players, Fortnite, Alto’s Odyssey, or Monument Valley are indispensable games on a gamer’s phone.

Alto’s Odyssey

After the success of the Endless Runner genre, Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey will have the plot to continue unfinished content in part one. The style of endless skiing that has been “addictive” remains the same. Players will control characters to move through countless lands with rugged terrain, and face a series of obstacles. In Alto’s Odyssey, new scenes will appear as barren lands, and desert deserts instead of just a snowy area like part one.

The Banner Saga


After success in the computer version, the role-playing game The Banner Saga continues to be “reborn” on both iOS and Android. Attractive role-playing gameplay is mixed with turn-based tactics retained by developer Bioware on the mobile version. In addition to gameplay, The Banner Saga also possesses good graphics, attractive 2D visual effects, and especially very inspiring character voices. The storyline in the game is very deep and is closely linked to the player’s choice. They all together make The Banner Saga an exciting adventure.



Since its launch, Fortnite has become a phenomenon. The number of players of this game on computers, iOS or Android, has reached millions. This number was enough to tell its terrible attraction. The mission, though, is simply to survive. However, the construction, fighting, and picking up gameplay creates a constant end. Fortnite’s animated graphics are quite beautiful and sound simple. On the other hand, they are effective in combat.

Life is Strange


Life is Strange is the game that created the revolution for adventure games on computers, and Console devices since 2015. The mobile version of this game was later released in 2018 and immediately created success. Players can turn back time to search for clues. Then decipher the tracks to try to save the best friend. The most interesting point of the game is the customized story depending on the player’s decisions throughout the journey.