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Nvidia Shield TV: A new, innovative model is going to come out? Is it true?

Nvidia Shield TV: A new, innovative model is going to come out? Is it true?

. 2 min read

Actually, no. But this tech giant may come up with a minor upgrade on their Nvidia Shield TV.

In these recent years, the Nvidia Shield TV has dominated a large portion of the Android TV market. Indeed. It’s one of the best full stop device set out there.

Therefore, tech lovers cannot stop themselves from getting excited as the rumors on a new version of Shield TV floated all over the internet. Unfortunately, rumors stay rumors. According to Google’s developer tools’ codes, Nvidia won’t come out with a new model. Instead, they will soon release an update.

Nvidia Shield TV
Nvidia Shield TV

Things even get more evident when many point out the reference of Google Play Console dashboard to an “unknown” configuration codenamed ‘mdarcy.’ It seems like that this upcoming refresh will only serve as a small modification on our present ‘darcy’ model.

No other leaks have been out yet. However, based on what we know, there won’t be any significant differences before and after the update. Perhaps, the only noticeable change is the presence of Android 9 Pie on board on the refreshed model.

Besides that, things remain. The updated model will stick with the same Tegra X1 T210 chip as its former. So does the uncovered listing! However, many think that it just is a placeholder.

The Updated Nvidia Shield TV Will Have New accessories?

Yes, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about an updated and refreshed version of Nvidia Shield TV in 2019. Back in March, users had spotted some buried code in the software indicating new hardware on the box itself. However, in that case, it was just due to several upgraded input devices that Nvidia had been working on.

We all know that the last update of the Shield TV took place two years ago. After such a long time, an refreshed model has come into the prediction of many.

Yes, we have no ideas which parts will be updated – the main box or the remote, or the controller coming along with it. But we hope that it’s for the better.

The current set of Nvidia Shield Tv
The current set of Nvidia Shield Tv

For Android TV fans, they don’t have lots of options to select when it comes to purchasing a device having built-in Google’s TV OS. Yes, it’s possible to find this operation system on televisions produced by Sony and TCL. Still, Google itself seems to pay attention to the Chromecast only.

Who would know? The new version of Nvidia Shield TV might just give Android TV market the boost it needs. The forest of possibilities is endless – this upcoming model might just get Google Stadia integrated as well.