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Official iOS 13: Dark Mode, app launch twice as fast, Swipe keyboard, supporting AirPods & HomePod better

Official iOS 13: Dark Mode, app launch twice as fast, Swipe keyboard, supporting AirPods & HomePod better

. 5 min read

iOS 13 brings a series of changes and upgrades on interface, features and privacy for Apple devices.

Separating iOS for iPad into a separate operating system

The first important change is Apple separated iOS for iPad into a separate operating system called iPadOS. Although in essence, iPadOS is still iOS, however, Apple has separate adjustments on iPadOS. This action’s purpose to make iOS more suitable for tablets and “iPad can replace PC” visions that Apple has outlined during many years.

iPadOS inherits all of the features on iOS 13 as below, but Apple also equips for it some exclusive features which only available on the iPad that you can refer to in this post.

Enhance performance

Last year with iOS 12, Apple received a lot of compliments for efforts on improving system performance, especially on older devices group. This year with iOS 13, Apple continues to enhance the device’s performance through applying a series of new technologies.

Apple said that iOS 13 would improve the app launch speed twice as fast and the size of the app will also be reduced by 50%. And for the devices supporting Face ID application, the unlocking speed will be 30% faster.

Reducing the size of the application by 50%
Improving the app launch speed twice as fast.

Dark interface – “Dark Mode”

After a long time waiting, finally Dark Mode came to iOS. Dark Mode will turn the whole iOS interface from light to black. It makes a more comfortable feeling for users’ eyes when using device at night. In addition, for devices using OLED screen such as iPhone X/XS, Dark Mode help to save battery better.

Dark mode 1
Dark Mode 2
Dark Mode 3
Dark Mode 4
Dark Mode 5
Dark Mode 6
Dark Mode 7
Dark Mode 8
Dark Mode 9

Swipe keyboard

With iOS 13, users can input data by sliding their fingers through the letters on the keyboard (swipe) without having to touch each letter as before. This is a feature that Android and many third-party keyboard software has had for a long time, and now it finally appears on the default iOS keyboard.

Swipe keyboard on iOS13

iOS 12 protects information and privacy for users

For the applications requiring login, now iOS 13 has one more option “Sign-in with Apple”. When using Apple’s sign-in service, users can choose what information they want to share with the third-party service.

If a service requires users to provide an email address, they also have the option to hide the real email address. Apple will create a fake email address (eg: [email protected]). Every email sent to this fake address will be forwarded automatically to the real email address of user.

For the applications requiring login, now iOS13 has one more option "Sign-in with Apple"
"Sign-in with Apple" option.
Creating a fake email address for users and every email sent to this address will be forwarded to the real email address of user.

In addition, to protect user privacy, iOS 13 will also limit the 3rd party apps using WiFi and Bluetooth to guess location.

Photo: New Portrait Lighting mode, the Photos app is upgraded with many features

On iOS 13, Apple has implemented a new Portrait Lighting mode with a white background that looks “artistic”. In addition, users can adjust the level of light as matching as they want.

White background for photo.

Now this Photo app uses AI to remove excessive images like duplicate photos, screenshots or invoices. The main interface of the Photo app has more Year/Month/Day button for viewing memories based on the nominated time frame.

Photo timing frame
Easy to view memories based on the nominated time frame.

Updating the photo editing interface for using easier and also has more features. In fact, not only can iOS 13 edit images but also videos, typical as rotate videos and add filters.

The photo editing interface is upgraded to be easy to use.
The photo editing interface has more features

iOS 13 supports AirPods and HomePod better

After updating to iOS 13, AirPods and HomePod will be added some new features. When the user is wearing AirPods and has an incoming message, Siri will read the message and the user can answer hands-free. “Audio Sharing” feature allows users to share the sound that they are listening to others.

Audio sharing

Likewise, for HomePod: if the user is listening to music on the iPhone and wants to continue listening by HomePod, they just need to hold the iPhone near this speaker. The audio can be forwarded from iPhone to HomePod.

Forwarding the audio from iPhone to HomePod

New Reminders application

Apple has re-written completely the Reminders app. It helps users to create reminder quickly and smarter. Users also can manage, categorize reminders easier. Along with these changes is a completely new interface.

Other upgrades

Apple also brought to iOS 13 many new other features. Typical as make-up for Memoji, new interface for CarPlay, new Apple Maps more details and Street View support, pre-installed Siri Shortcuts app…and also so many small other changes.

Some new features are very interesting such as bilingual dictionary support, choosing WiFi network in Control Center, data saving mode or using iMessage/ Face Time with both phone numbers on iPhone products with 2 SIM supporting feature.

Other upgrades

The device is supported to upgrade to iOS13

iOS 13 will support iPhone 6s and iPod Gen 7 and higher version. Thus, users of iPhone 6, iPhone 5s and iPod touch Gen 6 will no longer be supported by Apple software in the future.

iOS13 will support iPhone 6s and iPod Gen 7 and higher version