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PS5 Against Xbox 2 (Project Scarlett) - Who will be the new king?

PS5 Against Xbox 2 (Project Scarlett) - Who will be the new king?

. 20 min read

PS5 against Xbox 2 (Project Scarlett) – That is the hottest topic among communities these days. The battle for the next generation is officially on its way.

Both Sony and Microsoft have recently opened up and revealed some tantalizing details about their upcoming consoles, the PS5 and Xbox 2 (Project Scarlett). Based on what both companies claim, fans have already imagined a picture of the next-generation consoles.

PS5 Against Xbox 2
PS5 Against Xbox 2

New hardware comes with fundamental adjustments on how we play. For many, these upcoming consoles will bring back a competitive playoff. It seems like no company wants to step back. Yes, PS5 against Xbox 2 – which console will dominate the market?

PS5 – Specs, Leaks, Release date, and Prices

Although we haven’t got any ideas of the name of the upcoming PlayStation, most predict it’ll be the PS5. According to leaks, now, Sony fans can get general information about this one.

Thanks to the interview of Mark Cerny in Wired, we now acknowledge some of the basics about the PS5. In this section, we’ll cover the specs and tech details of PS5 as well as its release date and price.

PS5 Specs

Let’s cut to the chase and get to know about the hard numbers of PS5!

  • CPU – the PS5 will come with an AMD Ryzen chip. In details, it’s the 8x-core, 7nm Zen 2.
  • GPU and ray tracing – PS5 will possess the custom AMD Navi GPU which supports ray tracing.
  • Audio – the PS5 will provide 3D Audio, which, according to Mark Cerny, ” it’ll be dramatically different.”
  • Storage – the same as the upcoming Xbox, the PS5 will own an SSD. Sony claims that it will also use the innovative PCIe 4.0 connection on PS5. To clarify, Cerny gave out an example of loading time of 0.8 seconds compared to 15 seconds, when testing PS5 on Marvel’s Spider-Man.
  • Resolution support – the PS5 will also support up to the 8K quality and succeeds Full 4K resolution.
PS5 Specs Chart

Confirmed PS5 details

After skimming through the hard numbers, let’s have a glance at the ‘softer’ features of Sony’s next-generation console.

  • The PS5 will offer backward compatibility: This means all games that used to be on PS4 will appear on PS5. According to Sony, these games will be “based in part on the PS4’s architecture”.
  • The PS5 won’t be digital-only: Yes, not only does PS5 appear digitally, but it’ll also make a debut in physical media. For instance, it might even support the current form of discs.
  • Some new games will come out on both PS4 and PS5 initially: According to Wired, there will be some games that only appear on PS4 and PS5 first. Take Death Stranding as an example.
  • The PS5 will provide some cloud functionality forms – “We are cloud-gaming partners,” Cerny revealed in an interview with Wired, “our vision should become evident as the launch of PS5 is closer and closer.”
  • PS5 will support PSVR: This is a confirmed announcement. Within the current headset, players will be able to experience Virtual Reality.

PS5 Release Date

Although there has been no confirmation on the full PS5 release date, Cerny has helped us narrow things a little bit.

According to Wired, the next-generation PS5 won’t have it launch anytime in 2019. Yes, although the studio has been working on the new console for quite a long time, we won’t be able to try it on until 2020.

To narrow it down further, based on the annual financial results of Sony, the chance that the debut of this rookie before April 2020 isn’t possible. That’s why many predict the release date will be from the mid to late 2020, Slight chance that they’ll roll out PS5 on April. Some even come up with the theory of Sony delaying it to 2021.

What remains unknown about PS5

The information above is all the confirmed ones about the PS5. Of course, there’s been tons of prediction regarding PS5.

  • Details on the PS5 controller remain unknown. However, according to recent PS5 leaks, it seems like it will come with a touch screen. In the Tweet below, we can see that Sony has replaced the touch panel appeared on the PS4. Although we have no confirmations yet, many still believe in this theory. Since the PS5 also supports backward compatibility with PS4 games, there must be some kinds of the touchpad on PS5 – as we assume. Many hold the thought of PS5 ditching it on its controller. They say that you can also play PS4 games on a PS5 by connecting with a DualShock 4. So the question stays open!
The Rumored Tweet

PS5 Price 

Although we haven’t got any ideas, the price of PS5 might still be something in our prediction. Especially when all the specs are out, we can easily consider the price range. However, the real price might change due to what comes within the box, its rival Xbox 2, and the current rate of components.

In 2018, Digital Foundry opened up about a PS5 theory discussing the price. In their discussion, they affirmed that any real next-gen leap would have to hold their horse until 2020 to cut down the cost. However, compared to the price of PS4 at $399/£349, we hope the PS5 stays firmly.

Rumored PS5 Game List

We haven’t know any confirmed titles appearing on PS5. It’s still very early in the day. As a matter of fact, and the same as what you imagine, there’s been some rumors online.

  • Starfield: It’s a space-based role-playing game coming from the studio of Bethesda. It still needs time to be ready, maybe a few years of improving. However, this title is promising as it’s a next-gen game and will have a high chance appearing as a PS5 in-line game. Who knows? It could be cross-gen to PS4, too.
  • Elder Scrolls 6: The release date of this game is even further from the one above. It’s almost certainly coming on PS5 rather than PS4.
  • Endless yearly franchises, live service games, and popular apps. Yes, it’s possible that you can meet these games – FIFA, Call of Duty, and Madden on PS5. For Fortnite, it’s certain. And about Netflix? We guarantee. Of course, we actually don’t have any confirmation to base on, but our guesswork will be likely to come true.

Xbox 2 (Projects Scarlett) – Specs, Leaks, Release Date, and Prices.

The Xbox family is going to expand. Yes, we’d heard tons of rumors about a next-gen Xbox console circulating for years. But still, the announcement of Microsoft on the Xbox 2 at E3 2019 still hit us hard.

Xbox 2 (Xbox Project Scarlett) at E3 2019

While there are not so many things we know about it (even the name of Project Scarlett is just a codename), we know its specs, its release dates, and tons of its features.

Xbox 2 Specs

Let’s cut to the straight and go straight to the hard numbers!

New Xbox 2 Specs

  • CPU and GPU: Xbox 2 will run on a “custom-designed” AMD processor. According to what Microsoft claims, Xbox 2 will be four times as powerful as Xbox One X. This is even more evident as Xbox 2 comes with chipsets based on Zen 2 and Navi architecture.
  • Ray tracing support: According to Microsoft’s statement, Xbox 2 will give you a real experience. The hardware acceleration will bring players the ray tracing support “for the first time.”
  • Memory: Xbox 2 will provide high bandwidth GDDR6.
  • Storage: The same as the PS5, Xbox 2 will use a “next generation” SSD to speed up the loading time. According to tests, it might be up to 40 times faster than the speed of the current generation.
  • Resolution support – The new console of Microsoft will also support the resolution of 8K. It will also run Full 4K seamlessly.
  • 120 FPS and variable refresh rate: If you go for compatible displays, Xbox 2 can nail it for you.

Confirmed New Xbox Details

Let’s dive in some exciting features we know about Xbox 2:

  • Xbox 2 will provide backward compatibility: Yes, you can stream games across four Xbox console generations: the initial Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the upcoming Xbox 2. To manage Xbox One backward compatibility support on Xbox 2, Microsoft has decided to add new Xbox 360 games.
  • The upcoming Xbox 2 will support accessories of Xbox: Although we have no ideas what parts will receive support, we do know that the controllers of all lines will be on the list.
Wait, there’s more!
  • Selected Xbox 2 games will be cross-gen: Well, we already know that Halo Infinite will get the first chance.
  • Xbox Game Pass: Yes, this service will also appear on the upcoming Xbox 2. If you have already subscribed, you’ll have access to Xbox 360, Xbox One, and in the future, Xbox 2.
  • Existing Achievements and progression: Microsoft will transfer all of them to Xbox 2, the same as what this giant did with previous generations.
  • Speed and reducing load screens will be what it offers better: Matt Booty confirmed in its E3 interview, “Xbox 2 is the combination of lightning-fast speed from both the SSD and the processor, and the excellent performance of the GPU and RAM. Imagine, what are the issues in playing games that can drag your mood down? The loading screen, right? Your FPS and gameplay will drop terribly. Our goal is to clear that issue, that’s what we’re after.”
  • Xbox 2 won’t be digital-only: The same as PS5, Xbox 2 will come with an optical disc drive.
  • Project Scarlett won’t be the last generation.

New Xbox 2 Release Date

Yes, although we have a much clearer picture on the release date of Xbox rather than PS5, we don’t have an exact date yet. However, as Microsoft confirmed, this console will come on store shelves on “Holiday 2020.”

Confirmed New Xbox Game List

  • Halo Infinite: This game gets the official confirmation from Microsoft during E3 2019 along with a trailer. Besides being a “spiritual reboot,” Halo Infinite will serve as a cross-generation game releasing on both PC and Xbox consoles.
  • Starfield: It’s a space-based role-playing game coming from the studio of Bethesda. It still needs time to be ready, maybe a few years of improving. However, this title is promising as it’s a next-gen game and will have a high chance of appearing as an Xbox in-line game. Who knows? It could be cross-gen to Xbox One, too.
  • Elder Scrolls 6: The release date of this game is even further from the one above. It’s almost certainly coming on Xbox 2 rather than its formers.
  • Numberless yearly franchises, live service games, and favorite apps: Will we be able to see Forza, FIFA, Call of Duty, and Madden on the upcoming Xbox 2? You bet! Of course, nothing is sure yet, and it’s just our guesswork. But come to think of it, we think it’ll possibly come true.

Potentials of Projects Scarlett

We don’t know the full specs range of the make-up of Xbox 2’s memory system. However, we do know quite a clear picture of the processor itself. According to a lot of online resources, the SoC of Xbox 2 is much larger than Xbox One X’s Scorpio Engine. In details, many estimates the area of 365 to around 380mm2. This means Xbox 2 will be almost certainly based on the 7nm production process.

The GPU and CPU

The upcoming 7nm Navi GPU from AMD offers the clock off at 251mm2 for 40 of its latest compute units. Meanwhile, many predict that the size of the 8-core Zen 2 CPU cluster will range from 70 to 80mm2.

As in previous generations, console SoCs’ clock ranges between 320mm2. By simply combining the two components as-is and clearing the room for interconnectivity fabric as well as the hardware accelerated ray tracing support, Microsoft comes out with a console-sized processor belonging to the lower section of the scale.

Realistically, we’re studying and getting to know 40 compute units with 36 active. Remember that all of the consoles in the current generation possess disabled parts to make more of the chips from the production line useable. At the upper segment of the scale, Xbox 2 will provide users with an SoC of 380mm2, and a 48 CU graphics core with 44 active.

Clock speed

For both new consoles, clock speeds will be a vital aspect. AMD Gonzalo processor, according to leaks, will come with a mooted 1.8GHz. However, the standards to which decide the actual viability remains a secret: the AMD Navi RX 5700 XT has a continuous 1755-MHz ‘game clock’ and a 1905-MHz peak clock.

Comparison Chart
Comparison Chart

For your information, we’ve made a table showing AMD’s transistor density increase overtimes. Its GCN and RDNA compute units have become more complicated than ever, leading to the inaccuracy between teraflop comparisons between generations, which we use to measure gaming performance.

RDNA: Navi GCN 4.0: Polaris GCN 1.0: Tahiti
Compute Units403632
Stream Processors256023042048
ProcessTSMC 7nmGlobal Foundries 14nmFFTSMC 28nm
Transistors10.7bn 5.7bn 4.3bn

And what about the special SSD both giants mentioned? According to Sony, the details and information on its solid-state technology are proprietary and confidential. The same thing happens on Xbox 2, too. Both console manufacturers seem to keep a low profile on this.

PS5 Against Xbox 2

When it comes to the battle of the PS5 against Xbox 2, the raw power is just a part of the picture. There’re a lot more to consider.

The new-generation consoles will get their final score based on the quality of services offered as well as additional features like virtual reality and game-streaming while both companies emphasize the improvements on the loading time and connectivity channels.

The battle of PS5 Against Xbox 2 is heating up
The battle of PS5 Against Xbox 2 is heating up

However, the real question is among these two, who will earn the love of users? Yes, the competition of the PS5 against Xbox 2 will be the battle we mention countlessly within this decade. So, let’s jump right into comparisons and find out which one is having more advantages!

PS5 Against Xbox 2 – Power

One of the essential parts of any generation shift relates to the pursuit of power. The introduction of entirely innovative, latest hardware ecosystems on the upcoming consoles in the market will provide developers with a chance to make adjustments to their ambitions.

The appearance of the PS5 and Xbox 2 will help to redefine the possibilities in the interactive entertainment industry. It also brings about fundamental amendments on the way we play games. And yes, it all begins with the tech packed into a sleek black box.

Why both giants put so much attention into this aspect?

At the core of these next generation changes, both console giants are paying all of their attention to the CPU as well as the GPU scale.

Take it this way. If the CPU acts as the brain of the device – which controls and proceeds the internal calculations, then the GPU plays the role of the console’s heart, helping to render graphical components and boost the central processing unit functionality by accelerating and rearranging the data flow.

Both companies chose to work with AMD
Both companies chose to work with AMD

Basically, the CPU and GPU need to develop in parallel for the future success of both Sony and Microsoft. They can only gain the previously unfathomable graphical fidelity level in this way. That’s also the reason why both Sony and Microsoft poured their heart out to once again collab with tech-company AMD on these console.


As mentioned in the initial section on PS5 specs, it will offer a CPU with a custom third-generation, 8-core chip with AMD’s innovative and latest 7nm Zen Microarchitecture. The PS5 GPU will be a customized version of AMD’s Radeon Navi. Thanks to this, PS5 can offer 3D audio and also ray-tracing support. 

The 7nm AMD architecture
The 7nm AMD architecture
Xbox 2

Microsoft hasn’t been too revealing when it comes to the specs on the Xbox 2. Although we have no ideas about what the company has been working on, what we do know is that they’re collaborating with AMD to co-produce a custom SOC platform. This indicates that the upcoming CPU and GPU will be integrated to boost the power of Xbox 2.

AMD Radeon
AMD Radeon

The details on this confidential SoC platform, of course, stayed a secret. Yes, we have no confirmed information about this one. However, according to sources, it might be a custom mix of the AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU core and the Navi GPU referencing the ‘next-generation’ Radeon RDNA architecture. Thanks to this perfect combination, Xbox 2 will be able to provide hardware-accelerated real-time ray tracing. 


Going through all of the analysts, what we can conclude is that both Microsoft and Sony are confident that it has come up with a better system providing amendments to performance, graphics, and audio immersion compared to what we’ve experienced in the era of Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

AMD Ryzen
AMD Ryzen

You should also note that both systems will not be digital only. They will both support still physical media, according to the commitments of Sony and Microsoft to offer Blu-ray. Also, keep it in mind that neither company has assured to provide support for 4K media via this format.

Of course, without side-by-side comparisons between the two systems, all of this is just the prediction based on what we know. With both consoles natively providing 4K resolutions at 60 fps, promising to offer 8K at 120-Hz frame rate, it seems to be a draw when it comes to the aspect of power in the competition between PS5 against Xbox 2. 

PS5 Against Xbox 2 – Virtual Reality Support

If you are searching for a console that supports the virtual reality experience best, a PS5 will be a hot deal. Yes, PS5 overperforms its rivals completely. Many people comment that it isn’t even a battle when mentioning VR.

VR Technology
VR Technology

Microsoft has reassured its belief that VR should only appear on PC over and over again, while Sony has recently written its name in the record book by increasing by twice its commitment to the developing tech, right after moving more than 4 million units beginning from its launch in 2016. 

PS5 Against Xbox 2 – Backward Compatibility 

According to Sony and Microsoft, both PS5 and Xbox 2 will come with backward compatibility considering varying degrees. Opposite the overwhelming win of PS5 on VR, backward compatibility is undoubtedly the advantage of Xbox.


PS5 backward compatibility will indeed allow players to experience their PS4 games on the new system. To even emphasize this, Sony also shows its commitment by naming it the “cross-generation” support. According to this company, this feature is for PS4 players. Sony wants them to be able to try out multiplayer games without losing their progressions.

PS5 Backward Compatibility?
PS5 Backward Compatibility?

Besides, Sony expressed their belief of not only nurture healthy communities but also help players move to the new platform effortlessly when the time comes. However, please keep it in mind that the fate of legacy titles on PS1, PS2, and PS3 remain unknown. However, there’s always a possibility that they will also receive backward support via a service such as PlayStation Now.

Xbox 2

Microsoft, meanwhile, has confirmed that Xbox 2 backward compatibility will cover all “four generations” of Xbox games. According to representatives, Microsoft understands the importance of preservation, and the company is trying its best to make sure that the best (and chosen) games launched on the Xbox platforms since 2001 will appear on Xbox 2.

Previously, the Xbox One X provides a 9x resolution hike on some Xbox and Xbox 360 games available via back-cat. As a result, many players acknowledge the necessary graphical improvements and improvements to performance; and therefore, treasure their experience more. So, we can definitely hope that the Xbox 2 will be able to do the same.

But things even get more exciting. Microsoft has also ensured that all Xbox One accessories and peripherals will be entirely compatible on Xbox 2. In other words, it marks its name as the first console ever that can transfer all of your games, achievements, progression, and accessories move onto another platform.

PS5 Against Xbox 2 – Services

The verdict

When it comes to services, Microsoft knows better than anyone in the industry. Therefore, Xbox 2 will definitely have a considerable advantage over its rival – the PS5.

Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass

Thanks to Microsoft’s colossal dedication in services of Xbox Live, Play Anywhere, Games With Gold, Game Pass, as well as the excellent support of cross-platform, game streaming, and third-party subscription services (EA Access is an example), Xbox 2 might have a high chance to dominate the market.

In details,

While PS5 offers the comeback of the PlayStation Network and the responsive service PlayStation Plus. Xbox 2 will come with an established, examined, and reliable platform.

Owing to the fantastic combination of backward compatibility support and Game Pass, players now can to immediately dive into thousands of games on Xbox Project 2.

Microsoft has created an incredibly user-friendly and player-focused environment throughout all of its services. Therefore, we’re waiting and curious about how Sony will take the game back.

PS5 Against Xbox 2 – Gaming Experience 

If you ask us who the game-changer in the competition between PS5 against Xbox 2 is, or how to define the future dominator, our answer is that we don’t know yet. However, keep it in mind that the battle isn’t about ray tracing, real-time or the hardware itself, nor will it be the introduction of 8K resolutions or the capability of playing games at 120fps.

Gaming experience is the crucial key
Gaming experience is the crucial key

No, the most crucial key to the next generation of consoles– and by now, the PS5 against Xbox 2 battle – will only focus on real-life improvements to core game experiences.


Both companies – Sony and Microsoft are spending all of their effort to identify and deal with the real annoyances that have bothered players in the last decade: sustained loading times, the continuous patching, download times, and variable performance on the biggest games, and so on. Yes, once for all, they can be a thing of the past.

Both the PS5 and Xbox 2 will provide console players with a special SSD. You may think, “Is that is?” Although this may sound a bit “effortless,” a small change in philosophy from mechanical hard drives to SSD card could be what we’re looking for – the key to open the next generation and free the true potential of both devices.


By far, Sony is the only company offering us a real insight into the effects this could have on the way users play games. According to the leaked PS5 gameplay of Insomniac’s Spider-Man, we can see definite improvement on the loading time. We can see that it has reduced a lot from an average of 15 seconds on PS4 Pro down to 0.8 seconds.

Xbox 2

Microsoft promises that Xbox 2 will offer an SSD providing up to 40x faster read speeds than any products in the Xbox One family. Thanks to this, the SSD can also act as a virtual RAM to further boost up the data access and the support of already-impressive GDDR6 RAM in the GPU.

Given that the current generation consoles which primarily use 5400RPM mechanical hard drives with an 80MBps read speed, the best point of comparison here would lie in the SSDs for PCs connecting directly to the computer’s mainboard rather than via a cable. Thanks to this, Xbox 2 can boost the read speed of up to 3200Mbps.


That’s what our expectations on Xbox 2, especially when the PS5 is running just behind. However, whether it’s the PS5 or the Xbox 2, the fact that we might witness changes in our relationship with gaming is for sure.

PS5 Against Xbox 2 – Cloud Streaming

With Google Stadia introducing a new way to play, clarifying the concept of game-streaming and cloud-processing mainstream, it’s impossible that the cloud power won’t affect the next-gen products from Sony and Microsoft. It will, in one way or another.

Cloud Streaming
Cloud Streaming

It seems like both companies will offer limited services in this area at launch. However, they will build out their architecture, data centers, and core platforms in the later years when streaming has become more familiar, supported, and mainstream.

In fact, we have already seen some signs of this now. Do you acknowledge the way that Microsoft has spent a generation cycle improving the potentials of its Azure platform? Yes, this platform is gradually reinventing itself into a digital-first ecosystem.


For now, however, all the spotlights are on PS5 streaming via PlayStation Now as well as Project xCloud. For years, Sony’s subscription service has brought back a lot of reputation and profits for the company. It’s been a part of the PlayStation business for quite a long time now. This service allows PS4 users to download and stream chosen titles from a massive, updated library, which now has over 700 games.

Yes, we’re here and hope for the evolution of this platform, especially as it is currently the only solution of Sony to the backward compatibility.

Xbox 2

As for Microsoft, it’s working on something much bigger. Given its achievements with cloud architecture – Azure, some of its popular digital platforms like Play Anywhere and Game Pass, and most recently, the introduction of Project xCloud, it seems like Microsoft is way closer to the goal of turning game-streaming into a standard way to experience games.

PS5 Against Xbox 2 – Price 

That’s the question everybody has in their mind. Considering the components integrated inside the PS5 and Xbox 2, many predict that the price of them won’t be low. In fact, they could be costly.

Both Sony and Microsoft have not yet opened up about any details regarding the launch. However, they did provide some actions saying that their upcoming console will just stand a sweet spot to fit perfectly between power and the price. 

Xbox 2

“We know what reasonable price points are for a console and the expectations of customers at that point. At the same time to you, we are breaking the limits and pushing the boundaries of some of this. We’re not planning to reveal any details on price, or, you know, specs at this time. But what I can guarantee is that we’re very confident in what we’re doing, something that will set new standards of console gaming.” 

Jason Ronald, the Partner Director of Program Management of Microsoft, shared his thought

Taking examples of the Xbox One and the Xbox One X, the most powerful home console available currently, rumors on the price of Microsoft’s Xbox 2 has bên floating all over the internet. According to them, the next generation of consoles will come at $499. They also emphasize that there is no chance that Xbox 2 can come with a lower price than this. But we’ll see.


As for Sony, the company also expressed the same thing – which is nothing. They also revealed nothing concrete. While both the PS4 and PS4 Pro had their launch at $399, many predict that PS5 will mirror the price of the PS3, which is $499.

However, please don’t ignore that the addition of hardware components like the exclusive SSD drive and the excellent CPU and GPU will undoubtedly push the prices of these two. They might end up standing in the more expensive section of the market. And that’s not yet including element factors such as Blu-ray drives, advanced wireless network, and cooling system.

Which one should we buy?

In the earliest competition of PS5 against Xbox 2, both are giving their best to prove themselves. 

Yes, it took Microsoft years working effortlessly on their services and cloud technology. Xbox 2 will mark a great turn and open the gate to introduce upcoming launch titles as well as a release window. This means Xbox 2 is currently having a better advantage regarding technical edges. 

PS5 Against Xbox 2
PS5 Against Xbox 2

However, given the distance from now till November 2020, there’s still a lot of time for Sony to get the attention of players back and showcase its PS5. This is going to be an intense battle of PS5 against Xbox 2. The fun really is ahead of us all!