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Reasons why you should use Safari instead of Chrome on Macbook.

Reasons why you should use Safari instead of Chrome on Macbook.

. 3 min read

Being able to use numerous Add-ons from Windows has been one of the biggest reasons for users for using Chrome on their MacBooks.

When it first came out, Chrome was rated higher than both Safari and Firefox. However, that’s not the case anymore, especially when using a Macbook.

Here are the reasons why you should not use Google’s browser on the Macbook.

1. Battery Drain

After using Chrome for a specific duration of time, we can see clearly that Chrome consumes more battery than Safari. The results, of course, vary from one device to another as it is variable based on the types of devices. Chrome users have experienced that the battery runs out so quickly. On the other hand, Safari users don’t experience the same thing on their devices.

We can even check how applications perform, and their power consumption level on the battery icon in the toolbar at the top of the screen. You can click on it to see which application is consuming the most power and if you’re using Chrome, it’s most definitely at the top of the list.

Showing a part screen of Macbook

2. Chrome is not designed for Macbook

Many features of Chrome are originally for the Chrome OS platform. We believe that using Chrome on MacOS will not promote its features effectively.

Most applications on the MacOS have a popup window to tweak the app’s settings. This feature needs to do the manipulation through a tab in the browser on Chrome.

In December, MacOS added the Dark Mode within its features and Safari users can use this feature. Until half a year later, in March, Chrome began to update the new feature.

Chrome’s notification system did not integrate into the MacOS Notification Center. When you open a notification, such as a Facebook prompt, it will display a popup window, that looks very annoying. Fortunately, Chrome then allowed users to integrate notifications into the notification center of the platform, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Using Safari will make the experience different while not interrupted as Chrome.

3. Extensions – A double-edged knife.

While comparing extensions, it’s sure that Safari cannot surpass Chrome. However, these extensions on Chrome are the main reason for consuming CPU and battery drain.

Moreover, extensions are also similar to backdoors, leading to less security within the browser. While not having as many extensions like Chrome, but Safari also has enough extensions for the daily using needs. Besides, when users need more, they can just run Chrome to use extensions and better not to use Chrome as the main browser.

Showing haft the screen and haft keyboard of a Macbook

4. Google is following you.

Settings in Chrome allow you to protect your privacy in a certain way. Despite this, you might not be able to avoid altogether the fact that Google is collecting your browsing data. We know that Google’s primary revenue comes from advertising and exploiting users’ habits through their well-known browsers. And this fact is something the company, of course, can’t ignore.

5. You will be less “supervised” when using Safari.

Apple’s revenue comes primarily from hardware; the software is often free and is what makes their devices more attractive. On the Safari browser since MacOS Mojave, Apple updated the ITP 2 feature, preventing advertising companies from tracking user cookies.

6. Apple ecosystem.

If you’re using an iPhone, there’s no reason why you use Chrome on your Macbook. Using Safari will give you a much more seamless experience, such as Bookmarks or passwords, which is all synced together.

Also, users have the handoff feature, which gives them access to the already open web pages on the iPhone. With this feature, you can view these web pages on your Macbook’s browser and vice versa.

Of course, you can still install Chrome and log in to the same account, so everything has been synchronized. However, I rarely see anyone using the iPhone and using Chrome as the default browser. Because Safari always gives users a smoother and more convenient experience.

7. Reading mode

Reading mode on Safari makes learning the rich content quickly, and helps you to avoid distractions by removing ads. You also have more options for background color, font size, and font preferences.

Mentioned above are the reasons we collected and made available to convince MacOS users, to rely on Safari, instead of Chrome.
Users should still be able to decide on their own, and depend on their own using purpose, and choose the suitable app for themselves.