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Reno: An impressive breakthrough of OPPO

Reno: An impressive breakthrough of OPPO

. 4 min read

OPPO is no longer an unfamiliar brand for most smartphone users. However, during the 4 years of getting to the top of the world – and in 11 years of producing smartphones, OPPO stays new to high-end and advanced users. The simple reason is because OPPO once said no to the top segment.

A challenge for the outsiders

Whereas the competitors release at least one top model every year, OPPO, on the other hand, focuses more on the middle segment for many years. Apart from the F or R lines with reasonable price, OPPO only occasionally reveals the high-end smartphone. For example, Find 5 launched in 2012, but not until 2014, there came an heir of Find 7. The Find 9 does not make its debut and still serve as a rumor.

Of course, the mid-range strategy is believed to be right. While the market is booming, focusing on “reasonable and cheap” products has helped OPPO get into the top 5. The company then surpassed all the names that have been associated with Android since their first debut. Nevertheless, the market will not stand still waiting for OPPO. Since 2018, global smartphone sales has begun to decline. Smartphone was really saturated, and the game gradually turned to upgrade: ASP number (average selling price increased). This shows that buyers are more willing to spend to enjoy a new and exciting smartphone experience.

Strong character and different, for the mid-rage segment, that's what people think of OPPO.
Strong character and different, for the mid-range segment, that’s what people think of OPPO.

Developing high-end smartphones is not an easy job. Because the top model is the face representing for each brand, each company will release everything they have to create the highest quality product. Duplicate features become unavoidable, and therefore, every top smartphone becomes harder to impress users.

Makeover in minutes

From 2018, OPPO leaders announced to raise money to invest in Research & Development (R&D). At the beginning of 2019, OPPO’s new creations gathered on top of the Reno model – the phone that brought to OPPO a completely new look.

The design cannot be mistaken with any other product on the market
The design cannot be mistaken with any other product on the market

This look starts from the design of the product. Needless to take inspiration from the existed products on the market, Reno has a vertical line printed on its back with the “OPPO” brand name.

This small detail created an emphasis for the coated Gorilla glass, creating a unique design that cannot be confused and mistaken with any other brands.

OPPO is the pioneer for the camera slider trend
OPPO is the pioneer for the sliding camera trend

Front side, OPPO has its own “specialty” to offer: full screen, no notches, holes nor cutouts. This flawless screen can become a reality when OPPO brings another different feature to the table which is the sliding selfie camera. While the Find X from last year has a pop-up camera, Reno now has a sliding selfie camera which represents the “shark fin” design. When it is used for taking selfie photos, which is a feature associated with OPPO’s brand, Reno sets up a scene which cannot be seen in any other brands on the market.

OPPO Reno's unique "shark fin"
OPPO Reno’s unique “shark fin”

Technological innovation

More specifically, OPPO Reno also has a completely new technology mindset. Instead of using mid-range or high-end chips, OPPO is ready to equip Snapdragon 855 for Reno 10x version. Fast charging feature VOOC 3.0 promises to allow users to comfortably use after 80 minutes of charging with battery capacity of more than 4,000 mAh (exactly 4,065 mAh).

Furthermore, using the lens folding mechanism, Reno has a 5x optical zoom capability. Combined with digital zoom, Reno is able to magnify images to 60x, which is a milestone that no other smartphone has reached. The self-made phone company, OPPO has created a remarkable milestone for the main camera – the sector that the company used to be humbled against its competitors.

Reno is the first smartphone to test 5G calls in Vietnam
Reno is the first smartphone to test 5G calls in Vietnam

In particular, OPPO Reno is the smartphone used by Viettel to make the first 5G call in Vietnam. On the new network infrastructure, OPPO’s certified top model can reach speeds above 81MB/s. This means it takes just over 10 seconds to download a 1GB HD movie. From the position of a follower, OPPO has become the leader.

OPPO will have to fight very hard to maintain that position. However, from being a company associated with reasonable price smartphones and easy-to-use/ beautiful elements, OPPO has really transformed itself in an intense way to reach the high-end segment. Reno itself has been a surprising achievement. Therefore, there is no doubt to believe that this top 5 can step forward to follow the trend of the market.