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Reuters: Google cut ties with Huawei and banned its smartphones from using Android or having any updates.

Reuters: Google cut ties with Huawei and banned its smartphones from using Android or having any updates.

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According to a Reuters report, American President Donald Trump signed a decree to declare a national emergency that bans any US telecom operators from using telecommunications equipment made by Huawei and Chinese companies. After that, Google cut ties with Huawei and stopped cooperating with the firm. It means Google cut off its supply of hardware and software as well. Huawei has to start developing its own technology now, and new technology devices instead of Google’s.

a phone showing its back on a table

Huawei CEO states: “We still have plan B.”

Within their own homeland, Huawei is still working fine without any issues. The Chinese firm has been developing its own operating system in case American corporations cut ties with them. Huawei’s CEO stated:  “If it turns out we can no longer use Android, we will be ready with our plan B.” Now the exact situation has just happened. And now, Huawei has to create a new operating system for its smartphone devices. Huawei will not be affected by the Chinese market. But the fact that Google has already cut them out will still cause a huge stir from the international mobile market. This effect has shown clearly from competing with Samsung and Apple on sharing the market of smartphones.

Huawei only can use the public version of Android from now on. And it will not be able to receive exclusive applications and devices from Google, Reuters provided.

Following the decree that President Trump signed, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd got on the blacklist of “entity blacklist” by the US Commerce Department. That means Huawei is no longer able to do business with any US company, including Google. After a day from the American President order, the US Commerce Department stated that they were already planning the ban on Huawei. And the reason for that is to prevent disruption in the supply of equipment and maintain operating telecommunications system. However, that is just about the infrastructure equipment segment, but the mobile devices software part is different.

Moreover, experts believe that Huawei’s chip development segment will not be able to work effectively as it does without the support of American companies. It’s still a vague idea of how the US prohibiting Huawei will start affecting the global chain system.

many people in Hauwei store

Huawei still has access to Open Source Project Android, but no more Google Play Store.

Currently, Google stated that Android has almost up to 2.5 billion devices around the world. Huawei contains the biggest amount of Android devices. And Google’s cutting ties with Huawei does not affect the AOSP version, the Open Source Project Android because anyone can have access to the open source project. However, Huawei will not have the most important thing that many companies have right now. Google has a critical support system to help develop its own applications and services that can use for any phone company.

In March, Eric Xu, Huawei’s rotating president, stated that Google and the Android society could not stop them from using open source resources. Google means that, from now on, the entire Huawei’s smartphone devices will not have Gmail, YouTube, Chrome. It also will not have access to the Google Play Store so that users can install applications on the device. However, the phones that were available in the market before Google’s announcement would still have access.

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China not affected by this move, But loses trade ties with Europe.

All Google services already stopped working within Chinese regions. And that isn’t a big deal for the domestic market since Huawei already built a substantial invisible network wall for the Chinese government. The Chinese people have their own network developed by corporations as Tencent or Baidu. However, the market in Europe will be in touch time. Geoff Blaber, CSS Insight vice president, stated that Cooperation with Google as a condition for a smartphone company could stand a chance in the European Market.