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Samsung does not update the camera on the Galaxy Note 10, to save technology for Galaxy S11

Samsung does not update the camera on the Galaxy Note 10, to save technology for Galaxy S11

. 3 min read

Those who expect a breakthrough Galaxy Note 10 camera will be disappointed to hear this information.

It was not until August that Samsung released the Galaxy Note 10. However, thanks to leaker of the Ice Universe reputation, many details about this flagship were revealed. In particular, the most notable is the information about the camera.


Only 1 front camera

Everyone thinks that the Galaxy Note 10 will have 2 front cameras like Galaxy Note 10+. However, according to leaker Ice Universe, Samsung will only equip Galaxy Note 10 with a front camera placed in the perforated hole in the middle of the screen. Even, even the Note 10 Pro version still has only one front camera. In terms of resolution, the Note 10’s front camera is expected to be similar to the Galaxy S10’s camera.

On the back of the Galaxy Note 10, they change the camera position. Instead of horizontal like previous generations, 4 cameras of Note 10 will be arranged in 2 clusters placed vertically in the upper left corner.

Compared to Galaxy Note 9, it seems that Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Pro will be added ToF camera and super wide angle camera 16MP. Included with them will still be the 12MP main camera and 2x zoom camera.

camera 16MP

Samsung to make a major upgrade to the camera for Galaxy S11

According to Ice Universe, Samsung has considered equipping a 10x optical zoom system to the Galaxy Note 10 to outperform the 5x optical zoom of the Huawei P30 Pro. However, at the last moment the Korean giant decided to cancel this plan. Expected, 10x optical zoom feature will appear on Galaxy S11. Samsung has also successfully developed and put into production a 5x optical zoom system but will only equip it for future Galaxy A models, not on flagship lines.

Main camera of Note 11

For the main camera of the Note 10, Ice Universe said that Samsung once again used a 12MP sensor. According to Ice Universe, Samsung will announce breakthrough upgrades on camera for Galaxy S11 early next year.

Although the camera on Samsung’s flagship models improved markedly every year, the company still uses 1 / 4um 1 / 2.55 inch CMOS sensors for years. This sensor was first used on Galaxy S7 and slightly improved by software on Galaxy S8. In 2018, Samsung added a lens that can change the aperture but keep the sensor intact and now the Korean giant focuses on software only. On the Galaxy S11, the Ice Universe believes that Samsung will unveil a larger sensor with larger pixels, things that will improve image quality.

The camera is better upgraded.
The camera is better upgraded.

S Pen has added new features, DeX Live and fast charging

According to speculation, the S Pen will only get a minor upgrade this year. However, there will be an Air Mouse, a feature that helps users use the S Pen as a mouse and works in conjunction with the new wireless DeX mode called DeX Live.

Another change on the Note 10 and Note 10 Pro is that the battery can charge faster. Samsung has released two charging control chips that allow devices to charge at 100W. However, Ice Universe believes that for safety reasons Galaxy Note 10 will not have fast charging feature up to 100W.

New features of Samsung
New features of Samsung

Galaxy S10 currently supports 15W fast charging, but Samsung has released 25W fast charging technology on Galaxy A70 and Galaxy S10 5G models. Therefore, the minimum Galaxy Note 10 will have 25W fast charging. However, it is hopeful that Samsung will launch a fast charging solution better than Huawei.