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Samsung may be working on a new dual-screen smartphone!?

Samsung may be working on a new dual-screen smartphone!?

. 2 min read

If you ask us what the hottest rumor of this week is, Samsung ones will be our answer. Indeed. Tech lovers are going crazy about the rumored upcoming smartphone of this Korean tech giant.

Well, you may think, “What can even be more surprising than the latest foldable phone?” But believe us! A dual-display handset will change your mind.

Rumored Design Of Samsung Rumored Dual-Screen Smartphones
The Design Of Samsung Rumored Dual-Screen Smartphones

Many even used a recently published patent to prove their theory. However, according to others, this file was originally from July 2018. From the sketch, we can see that the model comes with an 18.5:9 front display and a more compact rear screen.

Although we have seen many dual-screen smartphones releasing in the recent years, none of them left any remarkable impression on the market. This raises the wonder whether the fate of Samsung rumored phone will be the same or not!

Samsung dual-screen smartphones will have no notch?

According to the design above, the rear display is likely to possess a $:3 aspect ratio making the screen appear square. There is also a high chance that this rumored rear screen might not be the best choice when it comes to games and videos.

That leads us to a new possibility. This second display might be designed explicitly for notification updates and other purposes like displaying time, date, weather, and the latest news. The benefit of this is erasing the need to use the huger, more power-consumed front display.

Another interesting thing which many noticed is that the rumored design doesn’t seem to possess a front-facing selfie camera. The lack of this camera might indicate another use of the secondary display. If our prediction is correct, the rear display may also act as your new selfie tool.

Ditching the front-facing camera will also come with another consequence. However, this seems to be a good sign for Samsung lovers. The Korean tech giant can finally get rid of the annoying punch-hole cameras on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus. In other words, from now on, we can have an uninterrupted, all-screen front display.

To close the post,

We know a lot of you expecting Samsung to nail this innovative design as it will open a new path for smartphones’ market. However, stay calm, and don’t get too excited.

Everything has just been a rumor. We cannot tell for sure whether Samsung will release a model like this or not. You know, there are tons of ideas killed before having a chance to see the light of day.