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Some new leaks has revealed changes for iPhone 11 and iOS 13.

Some new leaks has revealed changes for iPhone 11 and iOS 13.

. 3 min read

There are about 4 months left till the official version iPhone 11 and iOS 13. And the YouTube channel ” EverythingApplePro”, along with leak expert Max Weinbach, have revealed some exciting new info. It revolves around Apple’s upcoming product lines.

there are 4 iphones backside with the new 3-camera cluster

iPhone 11: Upgraded camera, new design, …

The successor for iPhone Xs and Xs Max will be iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. Both new iPhone models will still be equipped with large AMOLED screen 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch, respectively. This will also be the 3rd year that Apple reuse the “rabbit ears” design on its iPhones.

However, new sources show that Apple will update the Face ID system. It will have wider viewing angle and ability to recognize at a closer.

On its back side, the biggest change is probably the new camera. iPhone 11 will feature a triple camera setup. It includes a 12MP main camera, a 120-degree wide-angle camera which has optical vibration isolation, telephoto lens and main lens.

2 iphones black and white with new 3 camera cluster

In addition, Apple will upgrade the new LED flash light on the iPhone 11, allowing for increased brightness without increasing the size of the flash.

Finally, Apple is planning to upgrade its powerful digital signal processor (ISP). It will improve the image quality as well as integrate new Smart HDR modes. Although the details were not clear, according to the sources, the signal processor will produce images “better than any manufacturer like Google, Samsung or Huawei ever did before.”

Regarding the design on the iPhone 11, Apple has confirmed it to have a matte glass coating on the high-end iPhone 11 devices. This overlay will not look the same as on Pixel devices and will be noticeable.

In addition, the steel frame on the gray version will be less shiny than its predecessors. The upgraded dual speakers will have a better sound quality.

iOS 13: Siri upgrades, Dark Mode, …

Besides the hardware upgrade, Apple will also launch iOS 13 with many improvements. For instance, iPhone 11 will be pre-installed with iOS 13 at launch. Earlier, as we have mentioned some of the key features in the upcoming iOS 13 update. New sources confirmed the previous rumors and revealed some new details.

In Dark Mode, iOS 13 will mainly use gray color throughout the system. That will be instead of using the typical black pixels of the AMOLED screen as the user expected before. Apple is also bringing Dark Mode to 3rd party applications in collaboration with some app developers.

2 iphones 1 face up 1 face down with the new AMOLED screen and the new 3- camera cluster

Next is Siri, the virtual assistant. Siri will also have new upgrades that will support more advanced commands, improving the ability to understand contextual and general understanding.

Last but not least, iOS 13 will come with this new intelligent RAM manager which allows users to self-study their own habits to “preload” the necessary apps. It will lead to further improved user experience.

Apple will officially unveil the new iPhone 11 duo and iOS 13 at its annual launch event this September.