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“The largest children video channel in the world” is not for children

“The largest children video channel in the world” is not for children

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YouTube has a safer version Youtube Kids, but this company knows most children don’t use it for watching the video.

At the end of May, Common Sense Media – a non-profit organization provides education services, promotes safe technology and media for children – organizes a workshop to discuss the long run effects from apps, services, and electronic equipment to children.

This discussion is like a public criticism, directly attack to YouTube – an online video platform belongs to Google. This channel is considered as a place storing a series of useless content videos, causing discomfort or making an adverse effect on children.

A decade ago, parents wondered, worried about online games. Today, YouTube brings larger scary.

Bloomberg wrote.

A violent film is even better than Google’s search engine.

said Jill Murphy, president of Common Sense Media at the workshop.

YouTube includes lots of inappropriate contents

Alicia Blum-Ross, the policies director for children and families of Youtube, have tried to persuade that her company has many quality contents for children.

Blum-Ross believes that the Youtube platform has been continuously upgraded with filters for children, enhanced parental controlling, and had smarter suggestions from the software.

“The largest children video channel in the world” is not for children 1
Many of the fake Peppa Pig animated videos on YouTube contain horror violence that is not suitable for children.

“We have really had many towards steps,” Blum-Ross said. In the first quarter of 2019, the company deleted over 800,000 videos which have trespassed to safety policies for children.

Besides, Blum-Ross also did not forget to advertise the project this company believed could solve all problems – YouTube Kids. This app was released from 2015 with capable of filtering videos dedicated to children under 13 years old.

They believed this platform is option safer than the main site. “We encourage parents that the general website contains contents are not entirely suitable for children,” Blum-Ross said.

However, there is an important fact Blum-Ross has not mentioned; there aren’t many children using and sticking with YouTube Kids. According to Bloomberg, children tend to move to the YouTube general website before they are enough 13 years old. India is the market with the largest audience amount of YouTube, but the number of using YouTube Kids platform is trivial.

Many parents expressed concern that their children refused to back to the YouTube Kids. The reason came from limited and less content.

said Jenny Radesky, assistant to a pediatric professor at the University of Michigan.

The move from Youtube

YouTube said they are efforting to bring the Kids app to approach as many families as possible, concurrently, create the full video service limitation so parents can select clips for their children.

That is our top responsibility. There are lots of things to do.

said Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s CEO.

Solving content problems for children is the top task that the world’s largest video website is facing. According to Bloomberg, YouTube has spent many years to follow this service, but the firm does not have a solution to resolve thoroughly malicious videos yet. Four employees at Google admitted to Bloomberg that they did not allow their children to watch YouTube without supervision.

According to the research of Insight Strategy Group on 1,200 families in the US, it is about 97% of children using YouTube for entertainment, including both the main platform and Kids app. In particular, children are in the age of between 5-10 years old spending more time on YouTube than anyone.

Videos on YouTube Kids channel have limited, boring content

YouTube has designed the Kids app focusing on preschool students group. Right after opening the app, viewers will encounter dancing cartoon characters or toy clips.

However, just for less than 3 months after launching, users found a variety of unsuitable contents in this app, including sex-related or pedophile videos.

“The largest children video channel in the world” is not for children 2

Many YouTube Kids content contains images of blood and violence.

For years, YouTube has made efforts to solve better the content problem for children. One of the methods is using human. However, they have not to manage or refine the content; in fact, they just tag the video genre to classify. From 2017, YouTube assigned employees to categorize clips to 12 fields, such as music, games, and opening toy boxes.

YouTube had a team of people to screen videos violating their policies, but instead of doing well, they focused on tagging the video theme. It is worth mentioning that employees often tagged videos after watching the first 9-10 seconds. This did not really have many effects on classifying.

Recently, YouTube has experimented manually selecting all contents that appear in the Kids app. Videos with unsuitable content for children will not pass this careful inspection.

However, the internal tests also show that children have age in 7-12 years old feeling bored with the limited content library of Kids channel and also gradually switch to the main YouTube platform.

Children are interested in YouTube, but it is the app that parents most hateful app

YouTube sets responsibility to parents by encouraging them to flag unsuitable contents. In addition, parents can choose for their children to watch contents on certain channels. However, Radesky believes that parents will feel impotent when seeing their children using YouTube.

The studies from Insight Strategy Group show that children, especially teenagers, often have very different video content hobbies. Grower children like music videos, adventures, video reaction, or some movie trailers. “They like pranks and funny jokes,” the study shared.

Radesky also said that she had asked her two children to use Netflix instead of YouTube.

YouTube’s algorithm will advertise anything is most interested in, and this will not be the good content for children are in the development period.

Radesky shared.
“The largest children video channel in the world” is not for children 3
YouTube Kids content is limited, only suitable for younger children. Photo: Buzzfeed.

Karen Green, a writer, living in southwestern of Toronto, kept her two daughters away from YouTube til they get enough 10 years old. Green did not understand how YouTube Kids work, and she thought parents should respect children interests if it matches.

However, Green quickly regretted this opinion. One day, while watching videos on YouTube, the ad led her daughter to a website with the people who dressed up as animals and made sex. She had to limit the time to watch videos of her daughter immediately.

Green wants to see more effective action from YouTube to filter unsuitable content or give warnings when users surpass the filter function.

YouTube is liked by children but is the app that parents most hateful app.

Green said.