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The new iPhone and iPad features that Apple will release this autumn.

The new iPhone and iPad features that Apple will release this autumn.

. 3 min read

As every autumn, Apple launches a new set of software features for iPhone and iPad, and this year is no exception. According to the new leaks, it seems Apple’s next mobile software update will bring big changes to the iPad. Likewise, it reminds us of the iOS 11 upgrade released in 2017 and looking forward to the new release.

Apple detailed its new software updates at WWDC, from June 3 to June 7 this year. And the firm will release these new updates in September, at the same time as releasing the new iPhone. Look back last year; the company launched iOS 12’s public beta in June after revealing the new operating a short time.

Here are the special points that will happen on iOS 13.

The dark mode for iPhone and iPad

iOS 13 will be equipped with a new dark mode option, making it easier to view the iPhone or iPad screen at night. Users can activate this mode through the Settings menu.

A new application that combines “Find My iPhone” and “Find My Friends.”

Apple is developing a new application with features that combine “Find My iPhone” and “Find My Friends.” Besides, the new version helps track lost devices, even when they are offline. The firm stated that they are developing a new Bluetooth tracking device similar to “Tile” to help users find lost items.

The new Home screen for iPad

Apple is planning to refresh the iPad Home screen with this next software update.

As Apple has been taking steps to make iPad software more focused on productivity and multitasking, changing the Home screen on the iPad is reasonable. And Apple will show it on the device’s Home screen.

Browsing the application as a web page on the iPad

A new feature that Apple will install to the iPad is using an application in multiple windows as browsing websites in the browser. This new feature will help users experience at a new level in multitasking on the iPad. It will be definitely much more flexible than current features as Split View and Slide Over.

an iPhone and an iPa iOS 13 are showing their screens

A new gesture for undo on iPad

Among the new set of features for the iPad, we have a new gesture for undo. Users will be able to do that by tapping on the keyboard with 3 fingers and swipe left.

The Mouse supports on iPad

Apple will support a mouse for iPad. This feature will be in the Accessibility of iOS 13. iPad will be more useful as a laptop alternative device with the support of the mouse. That’s showing Apple has focused on productivity for the past few years.

Safari is smarter on the iPad

The Safari in iOS 13 will be smart enough to download the desktop version of a website on the iPad instead of the mobile version. As a result, the iPhone optimized versions of a website will not be available on the big screen iPad.

The new Mail application with categories

Apple will upgrade the Mail application in iOS 13. It will be able to classify email into different categories. It’s predicted that this new Mail application will be a formidable competitor for the Gmail application. Besides, the new application will allow users to put an email in the “read later” list.

Other upgrades

Apple’s next-generation mobile operating system can bring improvements in many other areas, including CarPlay, and better file management capabilities.

In addition, iOS 13 will have a redesigned version of the Reminder application, a new touch gesture for selecting various items, improving the ability to recognize “Hey Siri” sound among many other sounds, and Better multilingual support on the keyboard and in dictation mode.