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When Huawei "flattered" Apple: "Without them, we won't be able to see the beauty of the world."

When Huawei "flattered" Apple: "Without them, we won't be able to see the beauty of the world."

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Drowning in the middle of company’s incidents, Mr. Nham – founder of Huawei – remained calm and even praised his rival company.

In China, the wave of boycotting Apple is reaching its peak when citizen want the government to put “Apple” on blacklist. As a result, this is considered as a way to avenge what the US government has done with Huawei. Nevertheless, unlike what people think, the founder of Huawei – Nham Zheng Fei, perceive a completely opposite view.

The founder of Huawei - Nham Zheng Fei
The founder of Huawei – Nham Zheng Fei

During an interview with Bloomberg, he showed his respect to Apple by giving compliment to the producer of iPhone. According to him, the brand would never make it to the current success without Apple – the teacher and the pioneer. “As a student, we must not do anything against the teacher.”

“Apple is a leading technology company in the world. Without it, there will be no global mobile network. If there is no Apple, we will not be able to see and exploit the beauty of this world.”

Founder and CEO, Mr. Nham

When asked whether China can put a ban on Apple as what the US has done to Huawei because China still is a very potential market for ‘Apple’. He replied: “It will not happen but if it does, I will be the pioneer of the protest. “

Huawei and Apple

Being reported during the past week, the US issued a very strict embargo on Huawei. This action has made the world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer unable to use the Android operating system. Furthermore, they failed to buy the necessary components to manufacture Huawei products.

As usual, Mr. Fei gave his answers to President Donald Trump. “I think Mr. Trump’s Twitter accusations are ridiculous because they are always against and contradict to each other. How can he become a famous businessman like today?

In response to the question of whether Huawei stole technology from the US, he said: “Yes, I steal US technology but from the future! Those technologies are not available at the moment. We are going ahead and the United States has to follow. That’s why Mr. Trump’s government has to come up with rules to hold us back.