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Why are Xiaomi phones so cheap?

Why are Xiaomi phones so cheap?

. 2 min read

Xiaomi phones can be seen as the leader in its price segment, and it has long been a professional in making low-cost phone despite its high-quality. Of course, Magic comes with a price, Xiaomi had to sacrifice something to have such a good price? Feel free to add more.

Camera quality

The quality of Xiaomi’s photos was quite bad in the past until Mi Mix 2s has improved dramatically and made the camera much better both in hardware and software. However, when compared to other high-end phones that Xiaomi chose as rivals, Mi’s camera is still weaker in terms of detail, HDR processing capability, color change, and special handling, especially night-mode. Currently, S10, P30 Pro, and Google Pixel can take pictures excellently in darkness with very little noise, while Xiaomi can’t. The same with Pocophone F1 and the upcoming Redmi K20 Pro.

Recently I tried to take pictures on Mi 9, and Redmi Note 7, the quality of those photos are still Ok to upload to Facebook, send each other through Messenger, Zalo, Telegram, and so on. It’s just not as beautiful as the other phones.

The feel when holding it

When compared to iPhone or Galaxy S Series, you will see the rigidity of the frame, the luxury of the large back glass, and the connecting lines are extremely seamless. On the Xiaomi side, this feeling is a bit worse, especially in near high-end models like the Pocophone F1. Strong configuration does not mean that the feeling of holding and finishing will be the same.

Xiaomi flagship phones like Mi 9 or Mi Mix 3 have better display quality; they are very well-done. Even the difference between holding a Redmi or the Pocophone compared to the high-class Mi is visible.

Uglier screen

Recently released Mi 9 still does not have a nice screen like iPhone XS, Galaxy S10, it a bit opaque because the contrast is low. If you have high demand and you want everything to be as perfect as possible, Mi may not please you.

No water resistant

Of course, you should not throw your phone into the water, but a waterproof phone will help you in case you accidentally drop it into the water. Unfortunately, Xiaomi’s high-end devices do not support this feature yet while it should be a default function on all flagship machines.

Particularly with portable products: Advertising

I use authentic Mi, but I have received many complaints about advertising on Chinese domestic goods from customers.

Anyway, displaying ads in MIUI ROM is inevitable, because this is Xiaomi’s business model. Xiaomi once acknowledged that.

Particularly with portable products: You have to wait for 15 days to unlock the phone

Portable goods are cheaper than Authentics so this inevitable.