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WWDC 2019: Apple will reveal a new operating system - the iPadOS for tablets?

WWDC 2019: Apple will reveal a new operating system - the iPadOS for tablets?

. 4 min read

With the new announcement of Apple about the iPadOS, the future of iPads cannot be better. Indeed. In the upcoming WWDC, the appearance of this new operating system will blow off iPhone loyal fans’ mind with awesome features and innovation.

Yes, it’s over a day since Apple officially revealed the list of core items unveiled in their upcoming events; and Apple lovers still go crazy about this good news.

Why iPadOS?

The announcement of iPadOS acted as a game-changing turn marking a new era for tablet users. Apple has long adjusted iOS to provide users with more features such as split screen, dock changes, etc.

Due to these upgrades, iOS gradually developed in two distinct ways: one for smartphones, and another for tablets. That’s also the explanation for hard-to-use gestures on most iPads.

By separating iPads from the familiar OS shared with iPhones, now we can expect specific features made for iPads only. No more confusion for tablets’ users!

Apple unveiled their new operating system - the iPadOS
Apple unveiled their new operating system – the iPadOS

But that isn’t the only advantage of iPadOS. Not only does it come with more freedom to launch new features, but it also implies that Apple has begun to take its tablets’ market to a whole new level.

Indeed, iPadOS users will get all highlighted features of iOS 13. Whether it’s the Dark mode or Apple Sign In or even the new Find My app, you can find it on iPadOS.

Rumored Features Of iPadOS

New Home Screen

According to leaks, iPadOS offers a whole new home screen with expandable widgets and smaller app icons. These widgets look the same as those in the Notification Center, but much more personalized.

The new home screen of iPadOS
The new home screen of iPadOS

Also, there are no boundaries in adding new icons and widgets to the new home screen. Users may actually come up with new and creative ideas, implementing the iPad’s functionality.

Apple also said that they’re working on adding more gestures to slide, drag, and drop multiple apps.

Desktop-class Safari

While iPhones’ users praise about Safari, it’s frustrating and disappointing to use this web browser on iPads. Therefore, in the upcoming operating system, Apple has decided to renovate this notable feature.

The desktop-class Safari will be available on the desktop version of every website you get access to, and automatically improve the touch interaction for you.

Desktop-Class Safari on iPadOS
Desktop-Class Safari on iPadOS

This browser even provides 30 new short-cuts allowing users to adjust the font sizes as well as different settings on each website, and choose from several download and upload options.

But that’s not everything. Safari has also become incredibly useful as Google Docs, WordPress, and Squarespace are named as websites. You can now work on your projects using Safari!

Multi-tasking Innovation

With iPadOS, now users can open and work on multiple windows of the same app. Each window is a distinct version of the app, letting you do different tasks in one app.

For instance, in one window, you can scroll through a document, and utilize another to write an essay. There are no problems when using one next to another or in split view with another app.

Multi-tasking improvements on iPadOS
Multi-tasking improvements on iPadOS

Moreover, Apple also works on the Slide Over feature. Users now can pile up apps in the improved version. The feature shares the same look as the multitasking integrated into the iPhone XS Max.

You can switch quickly between apps with a swipe across the bottom of an app. When you swipe down, there will be an app’s Slide Over window popped up to let you know the full list of underlying apps.

The New File App

Well, if you are a loyal fan of Apple iPads, you might already know the inconvenience when it comes to files managing. Good news – the new File app has come to save your day.

The operation mechanism of this app is the same as Finder with a column view mode and an information frame to edit and correct the mistakes.

The new File app on iPadOS
The new File app on iPadOS

Icloud Drive will also support file sharing feature from within the File app using the SMB protocol. Notably, the USB drive and SD card are supported in the File app.

All you have to do is to plug them into your iPad, and you can get access to files from these devices. You can even import in apps like Lightroom without using Siri Shortcut.

Other Features

iPadOS will even appear on Apple Pencil. The Apple family is working restlessly on improving latency from 20ms down to 9ms.

The standard tool board also get new updates allowing apps from a third party to use new gestures. If you drag your Pencil from the corner of iPad, your device will take a screenshot immediately, and you can start marking right away.

The Only Concern – The Lack Of Multi-user Support

Seeming to be perfect, still, iPadOS is facing a deal breaker – the lack of multi-user support. Yes, it’s nowhere to be seen!

However, after taking the example of the next version of TvOS made for Apple TVs, which revealed its hidden support for multiple users, many people spread the words about the same thing appearing on iPadOS.

All in all,

Despite all the rumors and leaks, experts believe that only after the public beta program is released in July, can we truly evaluate the effectiveness of this new operating system.